We're interested to know why home owners in Welwyn Hatfield have properties that are empty. If you own an empty property in the borough, please provide your valuable feedback by taking our empty homes survey.

Guidance for developers

Helping developers to provide affordable homes in the Borough.

We work with a number of Registered Provider/housing association partners and developers are encouraged to work with one of these. Links to our partners can be found at the bottom of this page.

  • District Plan 2005 and new Local Plan

    Providing a framework for planning decisions in Welwyn Hatfield.

  • Affordable Housing Need

    What affordable housing is needed in Welwyn Hatfield.

  • On-site provision

    The priority is for affordable housing to be provided on site and integrated with neighbouring open market dwellings.

  • Viability

    Our evidence indicates that, in general terms, affordable housing should be viable to deliver at varying levels across the borough.

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