Alcohol Control Zone

An Alcohol Control Zone is currently in place in central Hatfield.

The council proposes to introduce a similar zone to the west of Comet Way in the area surrounding Parkhouse Court.  The proposed area is described in the Public Notice and related map - linked below under Related Documents.  Please send any comments to feelsafe@welhat.gov.uk by 24 September 2014.

The Council has made a 'Designated Public Place Order' to create an Alcohol Control Zone in central Hatfield. This measure was introduced by the Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001, as amended by the Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006. The effect is that in the designated area persons must stop drinking alcohol if told to by a police officer or an officer accredited under the national Community Safety Accreditation Scheme (which includes our street wardens). The same officers may also require a person to hand over open or closed containers that the officer reasonably believes to contain alcohol. 

A person refusing to comply with the officer's instructions may be issued with a fixed penalty of £60, or may be arrested. If found guilty at court, a fine up to £500 may be imposed.

The police also have other relevant powers that can be used everywhere, not just in the alcohol control zone.

Powers to deal with under-age drinkers are available under other legislation.

Drinking is not an offence within the zones, the offence occurs when a person refuses to comply with an officer's instruction. The area is not an alcohol-free zone, nor can the Order prevent all misbehaviour by people already intoxicated in the area. Councils no longer have the power to introduce a local by-law that forbids drinking.

The powers apply to places accessible by the public, but not generally within the property of premises licensed for the sale of alcohol (such as pubs, clubs and off-licences), unless those premises are owned by, or operated for, the local council. For such premises the powers do apply to the premises from half-an-hour after sales cease. In Hatfield, that would include the area of town centre licensed in connection with the Farmers' Market.

To report anti-social behaviour please contact Hertfordshire Constabulary on 101.

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