Due to a change in supplier the Development Management Committee on Tuesday 12 June will not be available to view online.

About the service

If you live in the area you can use our maps to:

  • You can Find your house, or, by entering an address in the Local Search Facility you can find any number of amenities nearby.
  • Search for Planning Information, such as Planning Applications, Listed Buildings, Tree Preservations Orders, Wild Life Sites and many more planning related items.
  • Find which Councillors represent each of the Wards
  • Find your nearest Amenities, from recycling centres and schools to golf courses and pubs

And it has lots of other features too:

  • You can find any number of local facilities, such as your nearest Play Area and Recycling Facility or the most convenient Car Park and its charges.
  • You can see map information layered over aerial photographs or Ordnance Survey (OS) maps.
  • Once you have found the information you want, you can then print it, and even email a link to the map to a friend.
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