We have been made aware that some business are receiving emails from rating agents offering a free assessment to see if you have been overcharged business rates due to  the 2017 revaluation. Ratepayers do not have to be represented in these discussions regarding their rateable value of their rates bill which can be done directly with the Valuation Office Agency or by contacting the business rates office. 

If you do decide to employ a rates adviser then you should check they have the necessary knowledge and expertise as well as appropriate indemnity insurance.

Service Standard

To make sure the service is accountable to you by putting customers first and making access to our service efficient, simple and convenient.

We aim to provide open, honest and clear communication to meet the needs of the community through the statutory administration, collection and recovery of Council Tax and Business Rates, in a cost effective way that provides value for money for residents.     

Your comments, whether good or bad, are welcome as your feedback will help make improvements to the service. Please contact us with your comments.

Our policy is to:

  • Ensure all staff wear name badges, give their name over the telephone and treat all customers with respect.
  • Communicate in plain English.
  • Provide home visits on request for those with special needs.
  • Answer 90 per cent of incoming telephone calls in 14 seconds.
  • Reply to 95 per cent of correspondence within 10 working days.
  • See 90 per cent of all personal visitors within 10 minutes.
  • Achieve 97.70 per cent collection rate for Council Tax and 99.10 per cent  for Business Rates.

The performance of the Council Tax and Business Rate teams:

The performance of the service is recorded on an annual and monthly basis for certain key measures.

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