Verge parking

The majority of grass verges adjacent to roads are within the public highway and are therefore the responsibility of Hertfordshire County Council, the highways authority.

Currently the county council funds the borough council to keep the grass below a certain length. Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council also funds additional cuts to keep the grass shorter and neater. For more information please see the grass cutting page.

Verge maintenance or damage

Please report damage to grass verges or request preventative measures (for example posts or post and rail fencing) to Hertfordshire County Council's highways department who are responsible for verge maintenance.

Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council has a byelaw to minimise grass verge damage. The byelaw is effective when a council officer or warden witnesses someone driving onto the verge and parking. Unfortunately it does not cover driving over pavements, or cars parked on the grass without a driver present.

If residents wish to report vehicle(s) parking on verges within the Borough, we would need the registration number, exact location and a photograph of the vehicle on the verge showing the registration number in order for us to be able to search for the registered keeper details via the DVLA. If residents are taking photos of other peoples cars, please ensure you take care and do not put yourself at any risk.

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