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Election Results - 6 May 2010

Results for the Parliamentary and Borough elections held on 6 and 7 May 2010

Parliamentary Election - 1 Seat - turnout: 68.2%
Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Hobday, MikeLabour10471
Parker, Nigel RichardIndependent158
Platt, David StevenUK Independence Party1643
Shapps, GrantConservative27894E
Weston, JillGreen Party796
Zukowskyj, Paul MarkLiberal Democrat8010

Borough Council elections

Brookmans Park and Little Heath - 1 Seat - turnout: 76.7%
Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Blumsom, JennyLiberal Democrat547
Dean, John WilliamConservative2717E
Mahon, DonaldLabour and Co-operative249
Haldens - 1 Seat - turnout: 67%
Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Dowlen, Berenice Constance MaryGreen Party174
Levitt, Martyn JohnConservative1525E
Mpofu, MbizoLabour806
Shaw, Shirley AnnLiberal Democrat745
Handside - 1 Seat - turnout: 77.6%
Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Cory, ChrisConservative1812
Pomroy, John WilliamLabour433
Skottowe, TonyLiberal Democrat1824E
Hatfield Central - 1 Seat - turnout: 56.3%
Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Croft, Colin GeorgeLabour and Co-operative965
Laming, Hazel MarianLiberal Democrat784
Olawoyin, BukkyConservative988E
Hatfield East - 1 Seat - turnout: 64.7%
Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Kingsbury, TonyConservative1692E
Meyland-Smith, LisLiberal Democrat783
White, Margaret HelenLabour and Co-operative741
Hatfield South - 1 Seat - turnout: 55.1%
Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Archer, Sheila JeanLiberal Democrat460
Hughes, David AnthonyConservative767
Mendez, Linda ElizabethLabour817E
Hatfield Villages - 2 Seats - turnout: 61.7%
Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Bridgeman, BobbyLiberal Democrat568
Croft, BridieLabour609
Morgan, HowardConservative1143E
Richardson, Maurice JohnLiberal Democrat552
Sparks, Lynne MichelleConservative1107E
Wilson, Brian DavidLabour166
Hatfield West - 1 Seat - turnout: 58.2%
Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Finlay, JamesLiberal Democrat807
Juggins, Caron AnneConservative1703E
Watson, CathyLabour1071
Hollybush - 1 Seat - turnout: 62.5%
Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Armstrong-Bridges, Ewan Andrew RichardLiberal Democrat643
Birleson, MargaretLabour1108
Pace, NickConservative1566E
Howlands - 1 Seat - turnout: 68.2%
Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Chesterman, AlanLabour783
Cowan, Lynda MargaretLiberal Democrats719
Michaelides, George PanosConservative1132E
Weston, JillGreen Party489
Northaw and Cuffley - 2 Seats - turnout: 73.7%
Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Bain, Nigel Anthony Van SomerenLiberal Democrat582
Fuller, MarkBritish National Party222
Nicholls, John MichaelConservative2418E
Prest, Adrian EamonnConservative1798E
Panshanger - 1 Seat - turnout: 68%
Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Hennessey, Zacha Emma Bley KastrinaLabour619
Marsh, Frank Annibale Stefano MarchioLiberal Democrat896
Toole, Adrian Peter DominicGreen Party122
Trigg, RogerConservative1734E
Peartree - 1 Seat - turnout: 58.1%
Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Cox, DomConservative1185E
Duke, Caroline AnneLiberal Democrat1060
Roberts, SteveLabour and Co-operative793
Sherrards - 1 Seat - turnout: 75%
Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Arch, JonLiberal Democrat625
Beckerman, JonConservative1728E
Crump, TonyLabour786
Groom, SusanGreen Party214
Welham Green - 1 Seat - turnout: 68.7%
Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Archer, Simon JohnLiberal Democrat393
Bell, Diana LesleyLabour296
Pieri, Keith JohnConservative1285E
Welwyn East - 1 Seat - turnout: 77.4%
Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Heyman, Peter JohnLabour365
Knight, Mark JonathanGreen Party161
Markiewicz, StevenConservative2538E
Skidmore, Ian FrederickLiberal Democrat687

Total electorate: 75368

Total votes cast: 50264

Overall percentage of poll: 66.7%

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