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Parking Exemptions and Dispensations

A dispensation may be granted to motorists needing to park a vehicle where parking restrictions are in operation.

The rules when an exemption applies are contained in documents known as Traffic Regulation Orders. In general terms, exemptions are granted only when the vehicle is an integral part of the works being carried out. For this reason exemptions rarely apply to private motor vehicles. However, parking dispensations can be granted for private motor cars and other vehicles (see B below).

A - Automatic Exemptions

Certain vehicles enjoy an automatic exemption provided the vehicle is stationary only for as long as necessary in order that it may be used for the purpose set out below and which cannot be used for that purpose without stopping in the restricted area; for example

  • Police, fire and ambulance vehicles whilst engaged on operational duties.
  • Certain vehicles being used in connection with postal services.
  • Vehicles being used for highway maintenance.
  • Vehicles being used for the installation or maintenance of services such as gas, water, electricity or telephones.
  • Vehicles being used in connection with waste collection, street cleansing or parking enforcement.
  • Vehicles where a valid blue badge is displayed in accordance with relevant Regulations.
  • Vehicles where loading/unloading is taking place in accordance with relevant Regulations.
  • Vehicles stopped solely for the purpose of picking up or setting down passengers in accordance with relevant Regulations.

In the above situations there is no requirement for the motorist to obtain a dispensation from Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council and no charge will apply. 

B - Other Dispensations

A dispensation may be granted for other purposes and the Council must be satisfied that it is necessary for the vehicle to be parked in contravention in order for works to be carried out and that there is not a reasonable alternative available to the motorist.

For example, a dispensation will generally be granted for:

  • Glazing works
  • Scaffolding works
  • Removals
  • Building maintenance

A charge will be made to cover the cost of issuing and enforcing this dispensation.

C - Discretionary Dispensations

A dispensation may be granted at the Council's discretion for a number of other purposes. Once again, the Council must be satisfied that it is necessary for the vehicle to be parked in contravention and that there is not a reasonable alternative available to the motorist.

Examples of when a discretionary dispensation may be granted are:

  • Funerals (for the hearse and cortege vehicles only)
  • Weddings (for the bridal vehicle only).

Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council does not charge for dispensations of this type.

D - Skips

A dispensation is not required for a skip. If the skip is placed on the highway then a licence must be obtained. These can be obtained from Hertfordshire County Council: www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/skips/

The Rules

  • Cost
    Dispensations that fall into Category B above will be subject to a charge to cover the Council's administration and enforcement costs. The charge is £15 per vehicle.
  • Duration
    A dispensation will last for no longer than seven consecutive days and will be granted for no more than three vehicles at a single location. If you are wanting a dispensation for more than one vehicle, all will need to be registered at the same time. Otherwise another administration charge will be applied. Requests for more vehicles or for a longer dispensation will be considered on their merits and a further charge will be made.
  • Notice
    On most occasions the need for a dispensation can be anticipated and the Council requires a minimum of 2 working days notice for a dispensation to be granted. The Council will always try to accommodate requests where this notice has not been given; however it reserves the right to decline the dispensation on this basis or to implement the dispensation no earlier than 2 working days after receipt of the request.
  • Exclusions
    A dispensation does not grant the holder the right to park in contravention of all restrictions. For example, a dispensation will not be granted for parking in a loading ban area, on bus stops, taxi ranks, blue badge bays or on a grassed verge. Permission to park on double yellow lines will only be given in exceptional circumstances.
  • Alternatives
    Where time-limited permitted parking bays exist nearby, the motorist will generally be expected to use these and if a longer time than permitted is required the same charge will apply.
  • Misuse
    If, in the opinion of an officer of the Council or a Civil Parking Enforcement Officer a vehicle is parked in contravention for which a dispensation has not been issued or if the vehicle granted a dispensation is not being used as an integral part of the works in progress, a Penalty Charge Notice may be issued. 

Applying for a Dispensation

If you wish to discuss your requirements in advance, contact Parking Services on 01279 655261 (answered by East Herts Council ask for the Parking Office) or at parking@eastherts.gov.uk

To apply for a dispensation either:

  • Telephone Parking Services on 01279 655261(answered by East Herts Council ask for the Parking Office). Please ensure you have your vehicle details (including registration number), precise location and means of payment to hand.
  • Download, complete and send an application form.
    pdf icon Parking Dispensation Application Form [35KB]

Resident permit parking areas

To allow trade vehicles to park in Permit Parking Areas, residents should give Daily Vouchers to the driver of the vehicle. Daily Vouchers are available in packs of 20 priced at £10 (£5 for those residents receiving a state pension).

Residents can request Daily Vouchers by phone 01707 357000 or by email contact-WHC@welhat.gov.uk or by post by completing an.  An officer will call you to take payment over the telephone.

Existing customers can apply online by completing this web form.

Please note that these applications can take up to 7 days to process so it is important to allow enough time to complete your order.

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