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Climate Change Task and Finish Group

Climate change affects everyone. The climate refers to weather patterns experienced over a long period of time and the Meteorological Office states 'climate change is the long term change in weather and is usually used in the context of man-made climate change'.

Me, My School, My Planet

The Climate Change Task and Finish Group's key role will be to develop plans with partners to address the impacts of Climate Change.

The Climate Change priorities

The initial priorities and objectives of the Group as set out in the Sustainable Community Strategy are:-

  • To increase the number of local initiatives aimed at cutting the community's carbon footprint, by:-
    • raising awareness with the public and local businesses of the need for climate change mitigation and action they can take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
    • establishing local good practice indicators for recording the community's carbon.
  • To include climate change adaption in local community and business planning, by:-
    • raising awareness amongst local businesses of the need for climate change adaption plans.
    • establishing local good practice guidance on climate change adaption.

The Group intends to focus practical project work on the climate change implications of three areas: food, walkability and air quality - concentrating on carbon footprint reduction, awareness and education, local good practice and behaviour change.  Over time, as resources permit, other projects may also be considered by the Group.

Who makes up the Climate Change Task and Finish Group?

Currently the Group has been set up comprising of key officers from:-

How to contact the Climate Change Task and Finish Group

Please contact the Climate Change chair person, Dr Susan Parham, University of Hertfordshire 

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