Our Local Plan has now been submitted for examination. Hearing sessions can be viewed online here.

Welwyn Hatfield Green Infrastructure Plan

Green infrastructure is defined as 'a strategic network of multi-functional green space, both new and existing, both rural and urban, which supports natural and ecological processes and is integral to the health and quality of life in sustainable communities'.

The purpose of the Green Infrastructure (GI) Plan is to identify the network of green spaces in the borough. These areas have many different functions in and around towns and villages and provide a 'life-support system' for both people and nature. The GI Plan will help inform a better understanding of existing Green Infrastructure assets, networks, gaps and opportunities and support the development of policies and proposals in the Local Development Framework. The Plan also identifies proposals for new Green Infrastructure and will help facilitate the option of a borough scale component to any GI Levies/Tariffs (or similar).

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