Election Results - 3 May 2012

The Conservatives retained their control with a decreased majority.

The political composition of the council is now:

  • Conservative 34 seats
  • Labour 11 seats
  • Liberal Democrat 2 seats
  • Independent 1 seat

There were Labour gains in Haldens and Hatfield West wards, and an Independent gain in Welwyn West ward.

Results for the Borough elections held on 3 May 2012

Overall turnout:  29.86%

Brookmans Park and Little Heath Ward - 1 Seat  Turnout  36.48%

Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Blumsom, JennyLiberal Democrat101
Boulton, Stephen JohnThe Conservative Party Candidate1194E
Braithwaite, WilliamUK Independence Party149
Mahon, DonaldThe Labour Party Candidate151
Rea, John-Paul StanlausThe Green Party Candidate77

Conservative Hold

Haldens Ward - 1 Seat  Turnout  29.94%

Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Basch, KonradLiberal Democrat81
Dowlen, Berenice Constance MaryThe Green Party Candidate138
Hughes, Howard VaughanThe Conservative Party Candidate508
Yetts, Benjamin RussellThe Labour Party Candidate725E

Labour Gain

Handside Ward - 1 Seat  Turnout  43.57%

Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Bridgeman, BobbyLiberal Democrat673
Bromley, Helen ElizabethThe Conservative Party Candidate1130E
Carthew, SarahThe Labour Party Candidate354
Nendick, Ian Nicholas ChallonerThe Green Party Candidate176

Conservative Hold

Hatfield Central Ward - 1 Seat  Turnout  24.85%

Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Bailey, TomLiberal Democrat99
Bowron, Frank RobertThe Conservative Party Candidate390
Cook, Maureen JanetThe Labour Party Candidate653E
Raw, Cecile MayThe Green Party Candidate94

Labour Hold

Hatfield East Ward - 1 Seat  Turnout  28.96%

Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Huteson-Stewart, CraigTrade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts53
Jeffery, Colin AndrewThe Green Party Candidate129
Long, MickThe Conservative Party Candidate692E
Meyland-Smith, LisLiberal Democrat138
Thorpe, Astrid CarleThe Labour Party Candidate453

Conservative Hold

Hatfield Villages Ward - 1 Seat  Turnout  21.44%

Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Bell, Duncan JamesThe Conservative Party Candidate446E
Bettles, Roy AndrewThe Green Party Candidate89
Croft, BridieThe Labour Party Candidate250
Rohale, AyeshaLiberal Democrat126

Conservative Hold

Hatfield South Ward - 1 Seat  Turnout  22.66%

Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Archer, Simon JohnLiberal Democrat74
Laver-Walton, StanThe Conservative Party Candidate234
Taylor, NoelThe Green Party Candidate51
Thorpe, Kieran MichaelThe Labour Party Candidate545E

Labour Hold

Hatfield West Ward - 1 Seat  Turnout  25.71%

Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Atkinson, NickThe Conservative Party Candidate644
Cross, Barry ThomasThe Green Party Candidate169
Laming, Hazel MarianLiberal Democrat133
Watson, CathyThe Labour Party Candidate670E

Labour Gain

Hollybush Ward - 1 Seat  Turnout  23.99%

Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Armstrong-Bridges, Gillian RosemaryLiberal Democrat77
Chesterman, Lynn AnneThe Labour Party Candidate678E
Newman, RoyThe Conservative Party Candidate439
Weston, Veryan Gerald HelsburyThe Green Party Candidate73

Labour Hold

Howlands Ward - 1 Seat  Turnout  30.04%

Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Chesterman, AlanThe Labour Party Candidate480E
Cowan, Lynda MargaretLiberal Democrat69
Tunstall, StanThe Conservative Party Candidate455
Weston, JillThe Green Party Candidate349

Labour Hold

Northaw and Cuffley Ward - 1 Seat  Turnout  31.23%

Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Alder, MikeThe Labour Party Candidate133
Bain, Nigel Anthony van Someren Liberal Democrat63
Couch, Colin AlexanderThe Conservative Party Candidate1023E
Edwards, Brian EdwardThe Green Party Candidate127

Conservative Hold

Panshanger Ward - 1 Seat  Turnout  25.68%

Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Broach, James Robert AlanThe Labour Party Candidate360
Johnston, Sara Louise ClareThe Conservative Party Candidate709E
Knight, Mark JonathanThe Green Party Candidate143
Shaw, Shirley AnnLiberal Democrat75

Conservative Hold

Peartree Ward - 1 Seat  Turnout  24.24%

Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Biddle, Mark SimonThe Labour Party Candidate469
Cowan, MalcolmLiberal Democrat474E
Jackson, SteveThe Conservative Party Candidate242
Lotz, LouiseThe Green Party Candidate107

Liberal Democrat Hold

Sherrards Ward - 1 Seat  Turnout  39.13%

Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Basch, JonquilLiberal Democrat132
Crump, TonyThe Labour Party Candidate574
Franey, Alan StewartThe Conservative Party Candidate835E
Groom, SusanThe Green Party Candidate200

Conservative Hold

Welwyn East Ward - 1 Seat  Turnout  34.72%

Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Cragg, Julie AnnThe Conservative Party Candidate1144E
Harris, Shelly LouiseThe Labour Party Candidate280
Toole, Adrian PeterThe Green Party Candidate116
Walkington, Edward Alexander AlbanLiberal Democrat126

Conservative Hold

Welwyn West Ward - 1 Seat  Turnout  38.19%

Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Berrington, William NicholasThe Green Party Candidate68
Kyriakides, Sandra AnneIndependent559E
Smith, Paul RichardThe Conservative Party Candidate510
White, Margaret HelenThe Labour Party Candidate119

Independent Gain

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