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Comment on a planning application

How to comment on or object to any planning application.


Ways to comment on a current application

Anyone can comment, or support  any planning application, whether it directly affects you or not, even if you haven't received a letter notifying you of the application.

Comments may be made:

You have 21 days from the date the site notice is displayed at the site or the date given in any letter we sent you to comment.

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Grounds you can use to comment or object

Comments or objections must relate to planning issues. These include:

  • design of the proposal
  • impact on the character and appearance of the surrounding area
  • impact on the amenity of neighbours (e.g. sunlight/daylight, privacy, overbearing)
  • parking provision
  • level of traffic generated
  • environmental impact (e.g. noise, loss of trees/habitats).

Comments made in relation to non-planning issues will not be taken into consideration. These include:

  • property values
  • personal circumstances
  • "moral" issues.

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What happens with your comment

Comments will not be acknowledged, but they will be available to view on the online planning applications database within 5 working days, along with the progress of the application.

All comments and objections will be considered alongside all planning considerations that relate to the application. These considerations will often conflict with one another and it is our role to balance an application against planning policies and against other relevant factors - a decision that does not reflect your comments does not mean they were ignored.

If an application is considered by the council's Planning Control Committee you may have the chance to speak at the committee meeting.

Please note that any comment you make is kept on the case file and will be made available in full on request to the applicant or any interested party.

If the application is subject to appeal, comments are forwarded to the Planning Inspectorate.

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Publishing your comment

By law, all comments received must be open to public inspection, including on our online planning database. Private information, such as signatures, email address and telephone numbers will be removed (redacted). However, a list of the names and addresses of those people who commented on the application is also published. To request your name be removed from our online planning database, please write to the Planning department .

Any views, comments or representations must include the date, name and address of the sender and should clearly state the grounds on which they are being made. We recommend you to leave out information you don't wish to see included.

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Offensive and racist comments

Offensive, racist, discriminatory, threatening and other statements that are not relevant will not be published.

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Anonymous or Private/Confidential Comments

Due to the legal requirement to make representations available for public inspection, we cannot accept anonymity or comments marked 'private or confidential'.

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Generally petitions are not given much weight in the consideration of a planning application or appeal. It is often better for individuals to write a letter explaining their own views. If you wish to submit a petition it will be considered provided that:

  • each page of the petition is headed with the aim of the petition
  • the names and addresses of those signing are provided and are legible
  • the comments are material in planning terms and clearly stated.

Please note that duplicates of a letter (the same layout and the same comments) may also be acknowledged as a petition.

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