Help with paying your rent

You can claim housing benefit if you are the person named as liable to pay the rent on the tenancy agreement. If you are a joint tenant, we can help you pay your share of the rent. In some circumstances you can be treated as the liable person even if you are not named on the tenancy agreement or even if you do not have a tenancy agreement. If you are not sure if you can claim you should contact us about this.

There are different types of housing benefit:

Council Tenants

If you pay rent to the council the benefit you are entitled to will be paid directly into your rent account in the form of a rent rebate and you will have a reduced amount to pay each week.

Private Tenants 

Local housing allowance (LHA) is the housing benefit paid to most tenants who rent from private landlords. It applies to private tenants who are making a new claim for housing benefit or who made a claim after 7 April 2008.

The amount of LHA you can get usually depends on how many bedrooms your home has compared to your bedroom requirement, and the maximum rent allowed for properties in your area. You can access more information regarding Local Housing Allowance using the following link:


An explanation of how your bedroom requirement is calculated is contained on the following link:


You can complete an on-line calculator regarding your bedroom requirement by accessing the following link:


Local Housing Allowance rates are determined by which area you live in. You can check the rates applicable to your address by accessing the following link:


Unfortunately, we cannot help you pay a mortgage; you will need to contact the Department for Work and Pensions. Or you can contact our Housing Options team or the local Citizens Advice Bureau for advice.

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