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Election Results - 2 May 2013

Results of the Hertfordshire County Council Elections and the Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council By Election for Haldens Ward

Result of the Borough Council By Election held on 2 May 2013

Overall turnout: 30.30%

Haldens Ward - 1 seat

Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Crump, TonyThe Labour Party Candidate580E
Daley, Kevin RobertUK Independence Party (UK I P)277 
Groom, SusanThe Green Party Candidate104 
Marsh, Frank Annibale Stefano MarchioLiberal Democrat66 
Sawle, Madeleine JannisThe Conservative Party Candidate458 

Results of the Hertfordshire County Council Elections held on 2 May 2013

Overall Turnout: 28.29%

Haldens Division - 1 Seat  Turnout: 28.77%

Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Groom, SusanThe Green Party Candidate142 
James, David HumphreyTrade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts33 
Johnston, Sara Louise ClareThe Conservative Party Candidate1072E
Larkins, MikeThe Labour Party Candidate966 
Marsh, Frank Annibale StefanoLiberal Democrat122 
Paddock, DanUK Independence Party (UK I P)596 

Handside and Peartree Division - 1 Seat  Turnout: 32.22%

Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Baker, AlexUK Independence Party (UK I P)426 
Bower, HarryThe Conservative Party Candidate875 
Clare, Bryan DavidTrade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts28 
Cowan, MalcolmLiberal Democrat1380E
Nendick, Ian Nicholas ChallonerThe Green Party Candidate132 
Roberts, SteveThe Labour Party Candidate600 

Hatfield North Division - 1 Seat  Turnout:  22.83%

Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Cook, Maureen JanetThe Labour Party Candidate1423E
Marks, MartinThe Conservative Party Candidate1213 
Orkin, Martin HenryUK Independence Party (UK I P)825 
Quinton, Nigel AlanLiberal Democrat204 
Shattock, Richard JamesTrade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts71 
Toole, Adrian Peter DominicThe Green Party Candidate161 

Hatfield Rural Division - 1 Seat  Turnout: 30.78%

Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Bain, Nigel Anthony van SomerenLiberal Democrat143 
Bell, Diana LesleyThe Labour Party Candidate227 
Borgars, Alan EdmundThe Green Party Candidate148 
Daley, Kevin RobertUK Independence Party (UK I P)682 
Mills-Bishop, MarkThe Conservative Party Candidate1782E

Hatfield South Division - 1 Seat  Turnout: 27.54%

Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Braithwaite, William RonaldUK Independence Party (UK I P)474 
Cross, Barry ThomasThe Green Party Candidate102 
Pile, Stuart JamesThe Conservative Party Candidate766 
Watson, CathyThe Labour Party Candidate640 
Zukowskyj, Paul MarkLiberal Democrat803E

Welwyn Division - 1 Seat  Turnout: 33.76%

Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Bartlett, David CharlesLiberal Democrat275 
Berrington, William NicholasThe Green Party Candidate257 
Reid, Roisin AeleighThe Labour Party Candidate629 
Smith, Richard HarryThe Conservative Party Candidate2117E
Stevens, Arthur FrankUK Independence Party (UK I P)753 

Welwyn Garden City South Division - 1 Seat  Turnout: 24.87%

Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Bransom, Cameron FordTrade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts29 
Chesterman, Lynn AnneThe Labour Party Candidate982E
Colwell, Richard AnthonyUK Independence Party (UK I P)585 
Dowlen, Berenice Constance MaryThe Green Party Candidate150 
Markiewicz, StevenThe Conservative Party Candidate808 
Rohale, AyeshaLiberal Democrat60 
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