Election Results - 22 May 2014

Results for the Borough Council elections held on 22 May 2014.

Labour gained three seats and Conservative lost three seats overall.

The political composition of the council is now:

  • Conservative 31 seats
  • Labour 14 seats
  • Liberal Democrat 2 seats
  • Independent 1 seat

There were Labour gains in Hatfield Central, Hollybush and Haldens wards, a Conservative gain in Handside ward and a Liberal Democrat gain in Peartree ward.

The overall turnout was 35.83%

Brookmans Park and Little Heath Ward - 1 Seat  Turnout 40.47%

Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Bain, Nigel Anthony van SomerenLiberal Democrats155
Braithwaite, William RonaldUK Independence Party (UKIP)400
Dean, John WilliamThe Conservative Party Candidate1179E
Jeal, Joshua RyanLabour Party Candidate188

Haldens Ward - 1 Seat  Turnout 36.21%

Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Bower, HarryThe Conservative Party Candidate497
Chander, Simon DavidLabour Party Candidate589E
Groom, SusanThe Green Party candidate149
Southgate, James EdwardUK Independence Party (UKIP)446
Ward, SandraLiberal Democrats105

Handside Ward - 1 Seat  Turnout 50.46%

Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Atkinson, NickLabour Party Candidate330
Dowler, Graham EricThe Conservative Party Candidate1029E
Holdsworth, TomUK Independence Party (UKIP)294
Nendick, Ian Nicholas ChallonerThe Green Party candidate159
Skottowe, TonyLiberal Democrats952

Hatfield Central Ward - 1 Seat  Turnout 29.28%

Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Edwards, AdamLiberal Democrats131
Hayes, Glyn CharlesLabour Party Candidate566E
James, David HumphreyTrade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts25
Koczen, Artur DanielUK Independence Party (UKIP)456
Olawoyin, BukkyThe Conservative Party Candidate342

Hatfield East - 1 Seat  Turnout 35.48%

Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Daley, Kevin RobertUK Independence Party (UKIP)376
Irving, RhiannonLabour Party Candidate463
Jenkins, RoyTrade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts41
Kingsbury, TonyThe Conservative Party Candidate785E
Meyland-Smith, LisLiberal Democrats160

Hatfield South Ward - 1 Seat  Turnout 27.28%

Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Archer, Simon JohnLiberal Democrats151
Bowron, Frank RobertThe Conservative Party Candidate223
Colwell, Hazel LynnUK Independence Party (UKIP)232
Fitzpatrick, John ChristopherLabour Party Candidate414E

Hatfield Villages Ward - 1 Seat  Turnout 27.94%

Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Borgars, Alan EdmundThe Green Party candidate76
Morgan, HowardThe Conservative Party Candidate477E
Owens, Neil RichardUK Independence Party (UKIP)232
Rohale, AyeshaLiberal Democrats76
Shah, PankitLabour Party Candidate374

Hatfield West - 1 Seat  Turnout 30.02%

Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Archer, Sheila JeanLiberal Democrats224
Broach, James Robert AlanLabour Party Candidate593
Gadhvi, ShivaniUK Independence Party (UKIP)425
Juggins, Caron AnnThe Conservative Party Candidate680E
Spence, Christopher KennethTrade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts33

Hollybush Ward - 1 Seat  Turnout 32.17%

Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Basch, KonradLiberal Democrats67
Colwell, Richard AnthonyUK Independence Party (UKIP)389
Pace, NickThe Conservative Party Candidate589
Raw, Cecile MayThe Green Party candidate84
Thorpe, Astrid CarleLabour Party Candidate614E

 Howlands Ward - 2 Seats  Turnout 36.00%

Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Bransom, Cameron FordTrade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts 78
Holloway, Max PeterLabour Party Candidate526
McBride, Christopher DavidUK Independence Party (UKIP)512
Milliken, Dean JamesLabour Party Candidate534
Skottowe, Valerie GeorginaLiberal Democrats111
Tunstall, StanThe Conservative Party Candidate563E
Yeowell, Annalisa DorothyThe Conservative Party Candidate547E

 Northaw and Cuffley Ward - 2 Seats  Turnout 40.47%

Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Alder, MikeLabour Party Candidate174
Edwards, Brian EdwardThe Green Party candidate267
Johnson, LizLiberal Democrats127
Michaelides, GeorgeThe Conservative Party Candidate934E
Nicholls, John MichaelThe Conservative Party Candidate1128E
Vickers, Christopher Roger JamesUK Independence Party (UKIP)598

 Panshanger Ward - 1 Seat  Turnout 33.61%

Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Arch, Jonathan Robert SandersLiberal Democrats97
Chigwangwa, Joshua MuromboLabour Party Candidate328
Daley, Laura KatherineUK Independence Party (UKIP)420
Knight, Mark JonathanThe Green Party candidate105
Trigg, RogerThe Conservative Party Candidate760E

Peartree Ward - 1 Seat  Turnout 29.18%

Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Baker, AlexUK Independence Party (UKIP)388
Cox, DomThe Conservative Party Candidate246
Jones, John MichaelLabour Party Candidate439
Lotz, LouiseThe Green Party candidate95
Siewniak, MichalLiberal Democrats488E

Sherrards Ward - 1 Seat  Turnout 43.75%

Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Basch, JonquilLiberal Democrats121
Beckerman, JonThe Conservative Party Candidate844E
Cheetham, James LucasUK Independence Party (UKIP)399
Dowlen, Berenice Constance MaryThe Green Party candidate184
Reid, Roisin AeleighLabour Party Candidate435

Welham Green Ward - 1 Seat  Turnout 40.32%

Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Bell, Diana LesleyLabour Party Candidate112
Pieri, Keith JohnThe Conservative Party Candidate441E
Venables, KarlUK Independence Party (UKIP)235
Zukowskyj, Paul MarkLiberal Democrats409

Welwyn East Ward - 1 Seat  Turnout 42.89%

Name of CandidateDescriptionVotesElected
Berrington, William Nicholas Huggonson The Green Party candidate199
Blanch, John OswaldLabour Party Candidate260
Markiewicz, StevenThe Conservative Party Candidate1217E
Stevens, Arthur FrankUK Independence Party (UKIP)441

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