We're interested to know why home owners in Welwyn Hatfield have properties that are empty. If you own an empty property in the borough, please provide your valuable feedback by taking our empty homes survey.

Empty Properties

There are around 170 long term empty properties in the borough (June 2014), and we are committed to bringing them back into use.

What is the council doing about empty properties?

  • We have dedicated staff who can offer potential landlords and home owners a wealth of advice on disrepair and on the condition of properties. Please ring our Private Sector Housing Team on 01707 357672 for advice.
  • Owners of empties may be eligible for reductions in the VAT of renovation costs
  • You can attend one of our popular Private Landlord's Forum to network and pick up tips on how to rent out your property
  • Hertfordshire Trading Standards have complied a list of trusted builders in the area who could help owners to renovate their property to a good standard
  • Rent deposit scheme: We can work with you to find a tenant and provide a guarantee for the rental deposit. Please contact our housing advice service on 01707 357 613
  • We can provide contact details for recommended agents that manage properties on the landlord behalf, taking care of everything from marketing to overseeing repairs.

We also charge 150% council tax on properties which have been empty and unfurnished for over two years.

Reporting an empty property

If you want to report an empty property, or if you want advice and assistance to bring your property back into use, please ring 01707 357 723 or email j.morton@welhat.gov.uk.

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