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Allotment Locations and Site Details

We manage 26 allotment gardens in Welwyn Garden City, 18 sites in Hatfield and 1 in Welwyn Village. There are also further sites that are managed by town or parish council as well as allotment associations.

Allotment Plot 1  Allotments in Welwyn Garden City

We manage 26 allotment gardens in Welwyn Garden City. To locate the allotment, click on the allotment location name, a map will open with the allotment location highlighted in a bright green colour.

We have four sites within the Haldens area.  Dawley and Maple Grove both have 6 plots. Blythway has 10 plots and Rowans has 12 plots.  The latter two allotment gardens have water provision. See map

Dellcott Close has 10 plots,  Attimore Road and Melbourne Court both have just one plot and has 7 plots. Lemsford Lane has 7 plots and a 2500l rainwater harvesting system and Parkway Close  is landlocked and can only be accessed by neighbouring properties. See map

We have two sites at Marley Road which both have 5 plots each.  Hyde Valley has 7 plots, and Hatfield Hyde has 14 plots with mains water provision. All our sites in Hollybush have rainwater harvesting systems. See map

Our site at The Pastures has 14 plots and a 2500l rainwater harvesting system. At Westmead , which is an organic site, we have 8 plots and a mains water supply.  Bushey Green has 3 plots and a rainwater harvesting system. See map

Moneyhole Lane is our largest site in Welwyn Garden City with 90 plus plots. The site has a mains water supply. See map

Our site at St Audrey's Green has 12 plots and a 2500 litre rainwater harvesting system. See map

We have 15 plots at our two sites at Sewells, which are both connected to mains water. There are 9 plots at our two sites at Ingles, which are also both connected to the mains.  Tilecroft has 6 plots and Harwood Hill  has 7 plots and mains water. See map

Allotment Plot 5 Allotments in Hatfield

We manage 18 sites in Hatfield.

Hatfield Central
Our site at Haven Close has 3 plots and a rainwater harvesting system. See map

Hatfield East

Our sites at Bullrush Close and Badger Way both have 3 plots. See map

Hatfield South West

Briars Wood Organic site is our largest site in Hatfield with 19 plots. The site is connected to the mains water supply. It also has regular meetings to discuss any issues on site and tenants work together to purchase manure. The nearby site of Briars Close is connected to mains water and has 7 plots. Hillcrest has 7 plots and Firs Close has 4 plots.

Feather Dell is a landlocked site and can only be accessed by neighbouring residents. None of the aforementioned sites have water provision. 

Hawthornes has 6 plots, Newstead has 4 plots.  The site at Deerswood Avenue is our largest in South Hatfield with 16 plots and has a 2500 litre rainwater harvesting system.  Broom Close has 6 plots and also water provision.

The Council also has allotment gardens at Martin CloseSwallow Gardens, which has 4 plots, Dove Court, which has 4 plots and Raven Court, which has 6 plots without water provision. See map  

Haseldine Meadows (a) has 7 plots and has a rainwater harvesting system. Haseldine Meadows (b) has 6 plots.

Allotments in Welwyn Village (Welwyn West)

We manage one site in Welwyn West. Hawbush Close allotment has 10 plots and two 2500 litre rainwater harvesting systems. See map



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