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Viability of providing replacement airfield facilities at the Panshanger Airfield site

Technical note

Last year, the Council received an outline business plan from a third party for providing a replacement airfield on the site.  This was passed on to the owner of the airfield site, Mariposa, in confidence (as it was commercially sensitive), with the permission of the third party.    This business plan indicated that such a facility could be run profitably, and set out the amount of money that could be paid towards rent and initial capital investment from the site owner.                              

Mariposa commissioned consultants to analyse the costs of providing the new facility.  This was passed to the Council.  The Council then commissioned Gardiner and Theobald to go through the report commissioned by Mariposa to see if it was over- or understating the costs of providing the facility. 

Taken together, these pieces of evidence demonstrate that, while a new facility could be run at a profit, the amount envisaged in the outline business plan to be paid towards rent and initial capital investment would be insufficient to cover the capital costs within a reasonable number of years.

The Gardiner and Theobald report can be downloaded below.

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