Business Improvement District (BID) Ballot

A Business Improvement District (BID) is a defined area that benefits from improved services as identified and requested by its local businesses.

The BID Ballot has now been approved.

For more details please see thepdf icon BID Ballot Declaration of Result [34KB] 



Notice of Ballot


1.  Notice

This is to give official notice that a ballot is to be held to establish a Welwyn Garden City town centre Business Improvement District (BID) in the area coloured purple on the attached pdf icon Plan [292KB].

2.  Who holds the ballot and who conducts the ballot?

The Ballot Holder is Michel Saminaden, the Chief Executive and Returning Officer/Electoral Registration Officer for Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council and will be conducted by the Electoral Services Office.

3.  Who is entitled to vote?

Those eligible to vote in the ballot will be those non-domestic ratepayers listed on the Council's database for each eligible hereditament (business premises) situated within the geographical area of the proposed BID as at the date of this Notice, with a rateable value of £5,000 or more.

Each person entitled to vote has one vote for each occupied hereditament or (if empty) owned by him or her in the geographical area of the proposed BID. Some businesses may be receiving multiple forms where they occupy/own more than one eligible property in the BID area.

Any ratepayer business that has not yet notified us of the name of the person to whom the ballot paper should be sent is encouraged to do so as soon as possible and by no later than 5pm Wednesday 14 September  2016, to ensure the ballot paper is addressed to the correct person. Any business address to which the ballot paper is to be sent must be in England.

4.  Appointing someone else to vote (a proxy)

The person entitled to vote in the BID ballot may appoint someone else to vote on his or her behalf (a proxy), e.g. if that person is ill in hospital, living abroad or going to be away at the time of the ballot.  The Government's Regulations state that a ballot paper cannot be sent outside England, so any BID voter with a registered address outside England must designate another person to vote on his/her behalf as a proxy from an address in England.

Proxy forms can be requested by e-mail from the Electoral Services Office:  elections@welhat.gov.uk  heading the e-mail " BID Ballot-Proxy Form request". A proxy form will be e-mailed to complete and return.  The last day that a proxy may be appointed is no later than 5pm Monday 17 October 2016.

5.  Issue of Ballot Papers

Ballot papers will be issued by post on or before Monday,  29 September 2016 and will be accompanied by a letter explaining the BID and the ballot arrangements along with a reply envelope for the return of the ballot paper.  There will also be a link which will explain the BID proposal.

6.  Close of Ballot

The ballot will be conducted by post.  Ballot papers should be returned as soon as possible after they are received to avoid possible postal delays.  To be counted, ballot papers must be returned by post to Electoral Services Office Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council The Campus Welwyn Garden City AL8 6AE by close of the ballot at 5pm Thursday 27 October 2016.

7.  Lost Ballot Papers

If the ballot papers are not received by 5pm Friday 21 October 2016 the Eligible Voter may apply in writing to the Electoral Services Office for a replacement paper.  The letter should be addressed to The Electoral Registration Officer Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council The Campus Welwyn Garden City AL8 6AE.  The letter must be signed by the Eligible Voter and evidence of the voter's identity must be provided in the form of one of the following:

a) Signed Letterhead for the appropriate company.

b) A signed photocopy of the National Non-Domestic Rating Bill for the hereditament.

c) A signed photocopy of an item of personal ID such as a Passport or Driving Licence.

Original copies of ID or Bills are not to be sent.

Any of the above documents may be scanned and sent by e-mail to elections@welhat.gov.uk as well as by post if that is preferable

8. Spoilt Ballot Papers

If the Eligible Voter inadvertently spoils their ballot paper in such a manner that it cannot be conveniently used as a ballot paper, then this should be returned to Electoral Services Office at Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council The Campus Welwyn Garden City AL8 6AE. On receipt of the spoilt ballot paper, the Electoral Services Office will issue a replacement. No replacements can be issued if the spoilt ballot paper is received by Electoral Services Office later than 5pm Friday 21 October 2016.

9. Count

Ballot Papers will be counted and the result published on Friday 28 October 2016, and included on the Council's website www.welhat.gov.uk.

10. Further Details of the BID proposal

 For further details of the BID proposal or to discuss any aspect of this pdf icon BID Proposal and Business Plan [1MB], please contact the WGC BID Development Team on 01707 357 565 or email: bid@welwyngarden.co.uk or go to www.wgcbid.co.uk.


Michel Saminaden, Ballot Holder, Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council

8 September 2016

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