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At our two unique and very child friendly sites of Mill Green Museum and Mill and Welwyn Roman Baths we have had long experience of running school visits with loads of added value.

Prehistory Prehistory Detectives Workshop

Cost per visit £4.00 per student (minimum charge of £112=28 students) with no charge for accompanying adults. Also includes a visit to the working mill.

Visit time 10am - 12.15pm

Our Prehistory Detectives workshop can also been loaned out on hire as a 'Lesson in a box' for teachers to use with their class in school.

Contact us for more information.

Combined Visit with Celtic Harmony:

Why not combine a visit to the Prehistory Gallery with a visit to Celtic Harmony( Brickendon near Hertford)

Welwyn Hatfield Museum Service

The Welwyn and Hatfield Museum Service have two unique sites for schools to visit:

  • Mill Green Museum and Mill

    • Front of Mill Green Museum Located at Bush Hall Lane, Mill Green, Hatfield, Herts, AL9 5PD our eighteenth century working watermill and museum is set in an attractive riverside setting. The cluster of historic buildings here and the surrounding grounds are a beautiful oasis in our busy world. Explore higgledy piggledy rooms packed with colourful displays of local art and exhibitions about our fascinating history.
    • The mill at Mill Green produces organic stone ground flour. This is a great place to see ancient water-powered technology still in use today. The River Lea powers the water wheel. You can see how this is transferred to the mill stones by gears and cogs and the entire milling process is carefully explained.
    • The museum has three galleries with interactive displays to discover, a small gift shop and a dedicated study area for taught sessions.
    • There are beautiful gardens that are great fun to explore with plenty of picnic tables.
    • More information is at Mill Green Museum and Mill.
  • Welwyn Roman Baths

    • DSCF0031 Beautifully preserved in a tunnel under the A1M, just off the central roundabout of the Welwyn By-Pass, this bathhouse was once part of a large Roman villa.  The Welwyn Roman Baths provide an opportunity to learn about how the Romans liked to relax with an elegant culture of bathing, and admire their creativity and style. Here you will discover how the Romans bathed without soap but still got clean.
    • More information is at Welwyn Roman Baths.

Welwyn and Hatfield Museums Service can help you get the most from your visit and add an exciting dimension to your teaching.

Visits includes a guided tour of the site with lots of hands on activities. Our collections can also support a visit around a specific teaching topic.

Each site can be visited independently. However, Welwyn Roman Baths is only five miles to the north of Mill Green so many schools combine the Roman handling session at Mill Green Museum and Mill with a visit to the Baths to make a great value school-day trip.

Themed School Visits

School lesson Our Themed School Visits have been designed to complement the national curriculum and are suitable for reception through to Year 6 and beyond. All visits can be adapted to suit the individual needs of your pupils. The sessions are extremely 'hands on' and are based on the use of real objects from the social history collection and archaeological material from local excavations.

Please contact our  Education Officer for more information or to discuss your visit itinerary.

Full details of our Themed School Visits are summarised below pdf icon Risk Assessment Information [74KB].   is available as are details of Accessibility Considerations

Roman Handling, Mill Green

flask and bowl This works well with a visit to Welwyn Roman Baths.

Suitable for years 3-4.

Pupils will:

  • Discover the story of Regina and Barates
  • Identify and draw some real Roman pots
  • Identify some Roman mystery objects
  • Find out how the Romans built their villas
  • Design a mosaic using real tesserae
  • Take part in a blanket excavation
  • Visit the Mill and Museum

Visit to Welwyn Roman Baths

Roman Baths 029 This works well with the Roman Handling Session at Mill Green Mill and Museum.

Suitable for all ages.

Pupils will:

  • Take part in a guided visit around the bath house, learn about under-floor heating
  • Answer a quiz-sheet
  • Free time to explore the site

Little Red Hen

little red hen Suitable for Reception and Year 1.

Pupils will:

  • Discover the process of bread-making from wheat to loaf
  • Make individual bread rolls to take back to school
  • Take part in a chosen activity
  • Visit the Mill and Museum

A Tudor Day

Tudor day Suitable for Year 2.

Pupils will:

  • Help to make some butter
  • Identify herbs and learn their uses in Tudor times
  • Make a Tussie Mussie
  • Meet a Tudor and learn about her clothing
  • Identify Tudor mystery objects
  • Visit the Mill and Museum

The Great Fire of London

Great_Fire_London Suitable for Year 2. 

Pupils will:

  • Listen to an introduction to the story of the Great Fire of London and Samuel Pepys as an eye-witness
  • Examine what objects they might save from the great fire
  • Identify the sounds, sights and smells of the great fire
  • Discover how the fire started and why it was so difficult to control
  • Make individual bread rolls to take back to school
  • Visit the Mill and Museum

The Miller's Housekeeper (Victorians)

Millers housekeeper Suitable for Years 1,2, and 3.

Pupils will:

  • Meet the Miller's Housekeeper who will introduce the class to the mill and their tasks for the day
  • Using Victorian objects and replicas they will learn how to:
    • Do the laundry
    • Clean the cottage
  • Make individual bread rolls to take back to school
  • Visit the Mill and Museum

Bread making

school breadmaking Suitable for all ages. 

Pupils will:

  • Discover the process of bread making from wheat to the loaf
  • Make individual bread rolls to take back to school
  • Take part in a chosen activity
  • Visit the Mill and Museum


How Much will it Cost?


Cost Per Child

Cost Per Adult

Minimum Charge For Group

Visit to Welwyn Roman Baths


Accompanying adults free of charge

School Visits £56 (14 children)

Visit to Welwyn Roman Baths plus Roman Handling at Mill Green Museum


Accompanying adults free of charge

£196 (28 children)

Themed School Visits:

  • Roman Handling
  • The Miller's Housekeeper
  • A Tudor Day
  • The Great Fire of London
  • Bread making
  • Little Red Hen at Mill Green Museum


Accompanying adults free of charge

£112 (28 children)

General visit to Mill Green Mill and Museum

Note: Milling days are Tuesday & Wednesday


(normal entry fee.)

No minimum charge, however if you want to visit on a non milling day, but want to see the mill in operation there will be an extra charge of £50.00

Special note: Ask about our Loans Boxes that can be used before or after your visit. They contain guidance for teachers on contents and use in the classroom.

How to Book:

Please contact our Education Officer for more information or to discuss your visit itinerary. When your booking is confirmed you will receive a pack with all the information you will need to ensure you and your class have a great visit.

Teachers' Preliminary Visits

We strongly advise teachers to make a preliminary visit to either site. Please contact our Education Officer to arrange a suitable time.

School Loans

We have a selection of loan boxes available for schools to hire for a two week period:

  • Romans
  • World War II
  • Victorian Washday
  • Victorian Childhood
  • Tudor Life
  • 1970s
  • 1960s
  • 1950s

Have You Made Use of the East of England Broadband Network?

E2BN photo gallery photos as education resource - local history, costume, war, and much more.

You will find Mill Green and Welwyn Roman Bath house pages within the culture and heritage folder.

Images from this site are available for you to use in your classroom.

Here's What One Teacher Told Us:

"Thank you for a fabulous visit to the Roman Baths and Museum (Mill Green). The students had a wonderful time and learnt lots. The teachers really enjoyed themselves too. One said it wasn't really like a school trip it was so relaxing!"

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