Friends' Forum

Friends' Forum is a well illustrated quarterly newsletter, featuring articles of interest to local heritage enthusiasts. Free to Friends: £1.50 to non-members.

In both 2008 and 2009, 2011 and again in 2016 Friends' Forum was awarded the runner-up prize for the British Association of Friends of Museums' newsletter competition, in the section for Friends with fewer than 500 members.

Click the icon below to download a continuously updated cumulative index to all issues of Friends' Forum from its inception in 2003.

Index Issues No. 1-59 Summer 2003 - Winter 2017

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2013pdf icon Issue 40 [1MB]pdf icon Issue 41 [288KB]pdf icon Issue 42 [422KB]pdf icon Issue 43 [395KB]
2012pdf icon Issue 36 [389KB]pdf icon Issue 37 [978KB]pdf icon Issue 38 [544KB]pdf icon Issue 39 [305KB]
2011pdf icon Issue 32 [641KB]pdf icon Issue 33 [496KB]pdf icon Issue 34 [916KB]pdf icon Issue 35 [1MB]
2010pdf icon Issue 28 [491KB]pdf icon Issue 29 [495KB]pdf icon Issue 30 [701KB]pdf icon Issue 31 [294KB]
2009pdf icon Issue 24 [675KB]pdf icon Issue 25 [416KB]pdf icon Issue 26 [533KB]pdf icon Issue 27 [620KB]
2008pdf icon Issue 20 [483KB]pdf icon Issue 21 [382KB]pdf icon Issue 22 [782KB]pdf icon Issue 23 [311KB]
2007pdf icon Issue 16 [1MB]pdf icon Issue 17 [2MB]pdf icon Issue 18 [221KB]pdf icon Issue 19 [563KB]
2006pdf icon Issue 12 [231KB]pdf icon Issue 13 [262KB]pdf icon Issue 14 [667KB]pdf icon Issue 15 [555KB]
2005pdf icon Issue 8 [1MB]pdf icon Issue 9 [169KB]pdf icon Issue 10 [301KB]pdf icon issue 11 [271KB]
2004pdf icon Issue 4 [216KB]pdf icon Issue 5 [62KB]pdf icon Issue 6 [687KB]pdf icon Issue 7 [450KB]
2003 pdf icon Issue 1 [218KB]pdf icon Issue 2 [56KB]pdf icon Issue 3 [83KB]
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