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Applying for housing

Giving you choice through Herts Choice Homes.

Working in partnership with five other housing organisations in Hertfordshire, we advertise and offer homes to applicants on our waiting list through the Herts Choice Homes choice based lettings scheme.

Choice Based Lettings (CBL) allows eligible applicants to select properties that they are interested in, rather than the next applicant on the Housing Needs Register (HNR) automatically being allocated the next available property. The scheme aims to help applicants make informed choices about where they want to live and the type of property they would prefer.

We are working together to increase choice and mobility within Hertfordshire. Each council has its own Housing Allocation Policy, but we will allocate a proportion of homes that become vacant to a 'cross partner pool'. Applicants from any of the five councils making up Herts Choice Homes can bid for properties advertised in this pool.

Make an application

Apply for council or Housing Association housing in Welwyn Hatfield.

The application process

Before making an application you will need to complete a brief pre-assessment questionnaire on the Herts Choice Homes website.

Who can apply

Anyone is eligible to make an application for housing but only those most in need are eligible to join the Housing Needs Register (the waiting list).

The priority bands

All applications are awarded a priority banding based on their housing need. Household composition

How properties are allocated

With the exception of specialist properties, all properties will be advertised through the Herts Choice Homes Scheme.

The bidding process

Applicants can bid on the Herts Choice Homes website, by telephone, text, coupon or in person.

Making an offer

After a bidding cycle has closed, a shortlist of all applicants who have bid for the property is made.

Tenancy types

There are several different types of tenancy. Flexible tenancies

Exceptions and special allocations

The Senior Officer Panel must approve any exceptions to the Housing Allocations Policy.