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Rent and finance

Your rent is due every Monday for the week ahead.

There are two weeks of the year when no rent is charged, which are the last two weeks of March. If you have arrears you must still make payments during the rent free weeks.  

The amount of rent you pay depends on the size and type of home you live in. It includes a charge for insuring the structure of the building but not any of your belongings. We will write to you each year in advance to tell you what your new rent will be.

Make a rent payment

Pay your rent online using our secure payment service

Paying your rent

The annual rent for each property is set at the beginning of April each year, based on government rules.

Rent arrears

Paying rent is a key part of your tenancy agreement and we take a firm, but fair approach to those who do not pay.

Rent balances

Manage your rent account by checking your balance and payments regularly.