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A pedlar:

  • is a pedestrian
  • trades whilst travelling rather than travelling to trade
  • goes to customers rather than allowing them to come to the pedlar
  • is a seller rather than a mender
  • must not remain stationary for long periods of time
  • must not set up a stall and wait for people to approach

The Pedlar's Act 1871 is the legislation that governs the regulation of door-to-door selling.

Pedlar's certificates are issued by the police under the following criteria:

  • you must be over 17 years of age
  • you must have lived in the area concerned for at least one month
  • you must be of "good character"

A Pedlar's Certificate is valid for 12 months.

A pedlar who is granted a certificate by one county can trade almost anywhere in the country without obtaining certificates from the other areas they trade in.

Recent consultation sought views on draft regulations to repeal the Pedlar's Acts (UK wide) and to amend the street trading legislation. This would include a new, more precise and up-to-date definition of what behaviour constitutes acting as a pedlar to be inserted into the pedlar exemption from the relevant street trading regimes. The effect of inserting this new definition would be to continue to protect the rights of "genuine" pedlars to operate.

We are awaiting further updates from Central Government regarding this proposed change in the law.

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