Rubbish that's a risk to health

The Public Health and Protection department of the council may be able to take action if waste is attracting pests or may present a risk to health.

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Should waste provide food or harbourage for rats or mice, action can be taken requiring the owner of the land to remove it or treat for any infestation.

Waste that may cause harm can constitute a statutory nuisance. For action to be taken the nuisance must be or be likely to be, prejudicial to people's health or interfere with a person's legitimate use and enjoyment of land.

General rubbish matters should be referred to Rubbish and recycling

If you have concerns that waste that may attract pests or cause harm please contact the Public Health and Protection department on 01707 357242.

To find out your collection day for rubbish, recycling and composting please enter your address details.

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