We have powers to deal with noise that causes distress (Statutory Noise Nuisance) - this is noise that significantly interferes with the enjoyment of your home. It has to be unreasonable and persistent. There is no set level of noise that is considered to be a statutory noise nuisance.

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We can deal with noise disturbance from all types of sources.

This can include:

  • Noisy parties
  • Loud TVs and stereos
  • Pubs and clubs
  • Construction and demolition work
  • Noisy animals
  • Fans and compressors
  • Warehouses and factories
  • Car and house alarms
  • Noisy neighbours
  • Open air events
  • Places of worship
  • Industrial processes
  • Air conditioning units

We cannot deal with:

  • Road, air and rail traffic
  • Noise caused by normal living
  • Noise caused by lack of sound insulation in a property.
  • People in the street.

Report a noise complaint

If you are disturbed by noise please contact Environmental Health.

If you are disturbed by noise on a Friday or Saturday between 10pm and 3am please call 0800 111 4484

Additional information

Noise monitoring equipment

Part of our investigation process may involve installing noise monitoring equipment in your property. The following video provides a guide to its operation:


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