Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council carry out a parking survey in the Welwyn Garden City car parks every year.

The Council are committed to making changes, where practical and financially viable to improve the customer satisfaction of those using our car parks.
Conducting a survey is one way to understand customers concerns/issues, although customer feedback/suggestions throughout the year is investigated. 

In recent years we have made the following changes/improvements:

Car Park
2012/13           Campus West                          Added a third payment machine to try and address 'flash queues'
2013/14Hunters BridgeIntroduced two more payment machines, one of the ground floor and one on the third floor
2014/15Campus WestWorking with Campus West and their website, so when people are paying for their cinema, rollercity, theatre tickets they can also pre-pay for their parking at the same time. This means customers need only to drive in park and then drive out without using the payment machines

Each year there a number of requests which are repeated, these are below and the reasons why this will not be changed:

1) The vehicle registration number is not recognised on the payment machine. There are a couple of reasons why the car registration may have not been recognised:
        · Number plate is dirty, therefore the camera is unable to read it;
        · Some number plates may have a screw located, which can also make it difficult to read for example: in the middle of a 0, or a O and this could look an eight

An alternative option is available to the customer if the vehicle registration number is not displayed on the payment machine screen. Customers are asked to please make a manual payment. This requires a person to enter their vehicle registration number, the time of parking and the time that the person is leaving (known as an honesty payment). The machine will calculate the correct payment amount based on the persons entry times. The honesty payment will be cross matched by the car park contractor (CP Plus), to ensure a reasonable level of honesty.

2) On-line payments have a service charge of 25pence for paying for your parking on-line, this is a charge that the banks levy and not the council, it ensures the security of the payment line. The Council absorb this charge when people pay at the payment machines, but is passed onto the customer when making payments on-line.

3) The payment machines do not provide change. The Council decided not to provide change in the payment machines 18 months ago. The main reason was this facility is expensive to install. In the latest changes to the parking charges (2ndApril 2012) the Council has tried to ensure to minimize the numbers of coins required to pay the fee. Customers can also pay using a credit/debit card the actual amount.

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