Resident Permit Parking Areas

Resident Permit Parking Areas operate in residential areas where high volumes of visitor parking is persistent.

We aim to process all paper permit  and voucher application forms within 7 working days.  All first time applications for permits and vouchers must be supported by copies of the relevant documents.  Do not send original documents through the post.  If you do not have access to a photocopier or scanner the reception staff at the  in Welwyn Garden City will make copies for you.

Resident's Parking Permits - renewing online

Existing customers may renew permits online.  A member of staff will call you back to take payment by card. Please complete the online form here

Visitor Vouchers - Order on-line

Existing customers may order Visitor Vouchers online.  A member of staff will call you back to take payment by card. Please complete the online form here

For existing customers who want to do the following:

  • Change vehicle details on a permit
  • Change name or address details

All applications must be supported by copies of the relevant documents.

To pay using a debit/credit card, fill in a paper application form and an officer will call you take the payment.

To pay by cheque, fill in a paper application form and post the application form to the   in Welwyn Garden City.

Application Forms

Permit and voucher application forms can be downloaded using the links below.  If you do not have printer please call the Contact Centre  and they will post an application form to you.

pdf icon Resident permit application form [255KB]

pdf icon Business permit application form [60KB]

pdf icon Doctor/Health Visitor permit application form [42KB]

pdf icon Daily visitor voucher application form [251KB]


Permit/ Voucher TypePriceConcessions

Resident motorcycle



Resident first vehicle*


*Free to disabled driver with valid Blue Badge

Resident second vehicle



Resident third vehicle



Business vehicle



Hatfield Town Centre Permit (B04 only)


Doctor/Health Visitor

Daily visitor vouchers - Pack of 20*£10*£5 to residents receiving a state pension
Change of address/vehicles details£5 
Replacement for lost/stolen/damaged permit£5 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. A resident permit parking area is being introduced where I live. Is it compulsory for me to purchase a permit?
A. No - a resident need only display a permit if they park a vehicle on the public highway within the permit parking area during the hours of operation. They do not need one if they use the off-street facilities on their own property.

Q. I am disabled and a blue badge holder - are there any discounts available on the purchase price?
A. Yes - The first permit will be free for those residents who hold a valid disabled blue badge.

Q. I don't own a vehicle but I have visitors who may come during the week. How do I cater for them?
A. Residents within a permit parking area may apply for Visitor Vouchers. Daily vouchers are available in books of 20 (see prices in table above)

Q. I am elderly and on a fixed income. Can I get a reduced rate in buying vouchers?
A. People receiving a state pension will be charged half price. (see prices in table above)

Q. I have professional carers who come to attend to me on a regular basis. How will this affect me?
A. Doctors, health visitors and other professional carers may apply for a permit. This is purchased by the practice (see prices in table above)

Q. Are there any other charges?
A. There is a £5 administration charge for permit holders who wish to notify a change of details or surrender a partially used permit for refund.

Q. I own a business within a permit parking area. Do I have to apply for a separate permit?
A. Yes - Businesses/organisations within a permit parking area can apply for a separate permit (see prices in table above)

Q. My house is inside a permit parking area how do I cater for trades persons who come to my house?
A. Residents should give daily visitor vouchers to the driver of the vehicle. Long term contractors can purchase a temporary business permit for £18 per month per vehicle. Contractors should contact the council at least one month in advance to make arrangements.

Q. There are no parking bays marked in my road. How will drivers know they are inside a permit parking area?
A.  Cul-de-sacs or small residential areas without any busy through roads do not need parking bays marked on the ground.  Drivers  must pass two large signs at the entrance to the permit parking area.    In larger areas, some repeater signs may be needed to remind drivers they are inside a permit parking area.  The repeater signs are smaller and usually attached to lamp columns.  Where a permit  area includes a busy road,  individual parking bays will be marked on the ground and each bay will have a sign on a post or nearby lamp column.

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