An online book of condolence has been set up for anyone who wishes to pay tribute to the Mayor, Cllr Lynne Sparks, who sadly passed away on 10 February. 

Weed Control

Depending on the area in the borough, weed control is the responsibility of various authorities or departments. Read on to find out who to contact if you wish to report a weed issue.

Public highway

Hertfordshire County Council is responsible for the highways and their maintenance. They provide a subsidy for Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council to carry out spraying of weeds on roads and pavements. This is carried out in Spring depending upon the weather and weed growth. Road channels with regrowth will be resprayed during the autumn.

If you have an issue, please contact us and report this for our consideration. If the issue is not the responsibility of Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council, it may be passed to Hertfordshire County Council.

Housing areas

Drying areas will be sprayed but controlling weeds in other housing areas is the responsibility of the Housing Department. If you are concerned about weeds, please report this to the Housing Office.

Welwyn Garden HousingTel:01707 357796wgc.housing@welhat.gov.uk
Hatfield HousingTel:01707 357088hatfield.housing@welhat.gov.uk

Garage areas

Garage areas will be sprayed once a year in the Spring.  If you have issues with weeds in garage areas please report this to the Garage Team on 01707 357000.

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