Numerous requests from residents asking for verge protection measures continue to be received from all parts of the Borough. As and when each Ward features on the work programme agreed by Cabinet, Parking Services will consult on a Verge Protection Order for that area. Verge Protection Orders are largely based upon land forming part of the public highway. The highway boundary extends from property boundary to property boundary and would normally include the road, footway (pavement), verge and vehicle crossovers. Other ornamental or grassed amenity areas may be included at the request of the landowner.

In addition to the statutory exemptions already provided, the following exemptions also apply to stopping or waiting on vehicle crossovers:
* The loading or unloading of Goods
* To allow passengers to board and alight
* To enable medical practitioners, Carers etc to make a house call on a patient
*  Furniture removals
* The delivery or collection of postal packets
* nb Disabled Badge Holders may stop or wait on a vehicle crossover for a period not exceeding 3 hrs


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Handside Verge Protection Order - Final plan drawings - 1st July 2020
Scale drawings of new verge protection order, prohibiting stopping and waiting at any time on verge or footway
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The Borough of Welwyn Hatfield (Various Roads, Handside, Welwyn Garden City) (Prohibition of Stopping and Waiting on Verge or Footway) Order 2020
Sealed Order containing details of new verge protection legislation covering Handside Ward
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Handside VPO NOI - 12.2.20
Public Notice stating intention to introduce verge protection legislation in the area of Handside
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Handside VPO - Draft Plans - 4.2.20
A3 Scale drawings illustration extent of proposed verge protection area - No stopping and waiting at any time on footway or verge
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Letter to res - Handside VPO - 3.2.20
Letter containing proposals to introduce verge protection order in the area of Handside. Advertised proposals signify commencement of statutory consultation phase, including opportunity to submit formal objections.