Parking Services have reviewed the current parking restrictions within Salisbury Village due to the planned adoption of the roads throughout. Improved double yellow lines on junctions are planned with the intention of lowering risk and reducing hazards when vehicles and pedestrians use the junctions. A permit scheme was requested by residents throughout the surveys undertaken.

March 2021:


The Cabinet Planning and Parking Panel (CPPP) met on 10th December 2020 and made a recommendation to proceed with the parking restrictions. All objections submitted were considered along with the Parking Services report. 1515 properties were consulted, with six formal objections received. Details of the meeting including the report presented can be viewed at:

As the decision to proceed with the parking restrictions as advertised was unanimous, an executive member decision was made on 21st December 2020 and this can be viewed online at:

Three Traffic Regulation Orders have now been created and sealed to introduce the four resident permit schemes, double yellow lines, as well as the Verge and Footway Prohibition Order, and Clearway in Albatross Way. Icon for pdf Salisbury Village VFPO Order 2021 Icon for pdf Salisbury Village RPPS Order 2021 Icon for pdf Albatross Way Clearway Order 2021

The notice of making of Order was advertised in the Welwyn Hatfield Times on Wednesday 24th March 2021 and notices placed on lamp-posts near the affected parts of the road(s). The restrictions come into effect on Monday 17th May 2021. 

Signage and lining works will take place during April and May dependant on weather conditions. The ongoing Highway adoption is being overseen by Hertfordshire County Council and more exact details on when the road will be adopted is available via County Council in due course.  

The existing parking contractor PCM will be removing their scheme before 17th May 2021, and their permits will not be valid after that date. The Council run permit scheme will operate on the private roads until the road is adopted.

A warning notice period of two weeks for vehicles parking in contravention of the resident permit restrictions and verge/footway prohibition will apply to notify drivers of the changes. The warning period does not apply to double yellow lines or Clearway. 

Roads will be grouped into 4 different permit zones:

Zone B16:
Barlow Close, Chipmunk Chase, Derry Leys, Devon Mead, Fillingham Way, Oxford Place, Richards Street, Salisbury Hall Drive, The Runway and Waight Close.

Zone B17:
Flamingo Close, Nimrod Drive, Queen Bee Court and Walker Grove.

Zone B18:
Dragon Road, Errington Close, Halford Court, Horsa Gardens, Mosquito Way, Tiger Moth Way and The Runway. 

Cunningham Avenue properties will be eligible for a B17/B18 permit as the border of the zones runs along the road. Parking on Cunningham Avenue will be labelled "B17 and B18" to enable residents from either zone to park there

Zone B22:
Aviation Avenue only

Permit restrictions apply Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm as per the majority consultation vote. Double yellow lines and verge and footway prohibition applies 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Maps showing the new parking restrictions are available to view online: If you do not have online access and would like a paper copy of the maps, please call us.

Applications for parking permits will open on Monday 19th April 2021, please ensure when applying to select 17th May (or later) as the start date to ensure you do not lose time on your parking permit. 
Useful information on how to make an application and also how to manage your permit for changes of details can be found on our website at 
To apply for a resident parking permit or paperless visitor vouchers please visit 

The permit account should be linked to an email address you can access for future permit renewal reminders, multiple applications for the same family household can be made through one account. Student or HMO households we recommend each permit holder creates their own account to manage their permit. Upon account creation, if you do not receive the account activation email, please check your junk/spam folder and then add "" as a safe sender to ensure you receive emails relating to your permit. 

Proofs as a scan or a digital photograph will need to be uploaded during the application. To get started, once you have logged into the permit account, you do not need to click any other details on the screen simply click on "Apply for a permit", where the whole application will be covered from uploading proofs, registering vehicle details and the permit cost applicable. Once the application has been submitted an email will send to confirm it was submitted.

Proofs required include proof of residence and proof that the vehicle for resident permit is insured and registered at the permit address. Vehicles not insured at the permit address would not be eligible for a resident parking permit. Resident permits are issued as a digital permit so nothing will need to be displayed on the windscreen of the vehicle, however it can only link to one vehicle registration proven to be insured/registered at the permit address. 

A permit/visitor voucher is only required if the vehicle is parking on the highway. Parking in garages or private car parks off the road will not be subject to the parking restrictions. Permits do not allow parking on yellow lines or verges/footways and are not valid in other permit zones. 

Permit Type Costs (Correct as of April 2021)

Resident Permit 1st Permit £25 per year *

Resident Permit 2nd Permit £45 per year

Resident Permit 3rd or subsequent Permit £66.50 per year

Motorcycle Permit £10.40 per year

Visitor Vouchers (1 day vouchers)    £10.40 for 20 day vouchers ** (limit of maximum 240 day vouchers in a 12 month period)

Admin charge for cancellation or change of vehicle details £5.20

*Residents who are a Blue Badge holder will be eligible for 100% discount on the 1st permit only upon proof of valid blue badge.

**Residents in receipt of state pension may buy vouchers at a 50% concession rate with proof of state pension.


Howe Dell School - we have agreed with the school that during morning drop off and afternoon pick up times there will be allowances for parents to park without a permit in Dragon Road and Cunningham Avenue as this was identified as the roads with best highway capacity. School related parking will not be allowed  in any other roads. 

A 6 month monitoring period will take place from June to assess any further parking issues within the area. If you find any further parking issues during the monitoring period please contact us. 


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Overall plan of all proposed permit schemes in Salisbury Village
Overall plan of all proposed permit schemes in Salisbury Village
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Verge and Footway Prohibition Plan 1/3
Verge and Footway Prohibition Plan 1/3
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Verge and Footway Prohibition Plan 2/3
Verge and Footway Prohibition Plan 2/3
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Verge and Footway Prohibition Plan 3/3
Verge and Footway Prohibition Plan 3/3
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Albatross Way Clearway Plan October 2020
Albatross Way Clearway Plan October 2020
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October permit letter
A letter sent to residents notifying them of the results of the two surveys earlier in the year, along with an outline of the next steps.
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April letter and survey
A second letter and survey sent to residents/occupiers.
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March letter and survey
A letter and survey sent to residents asking for views and ideas on current and proposed parking restrictions.
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Drop In Invitation letter 19.02.2020
A letter sent to residents inviting them to attend an open session.