Please follow the guidance issued by us regarding what you can and can't recycle, not that written on the packaging itself.

If you can't find the item you're looking for on this page, please email us at and if we think it will be helpful to other residents, we will add it to the A-Z. Alternatively, if you are unsure over whether an item is recyclable, please put it in your black rubbish bin.


Items beginning with:




AerosolsBlue lidded recycling bin
AsbestosFor advice, please contact Waste Aware
Ash (coal)Black rubbish bin
Ash (wood)    Brown compost bin



Baby/make up wipesBlack rubbish bin
Bags (plastic)Black rubbish bin
Baking tray (metal)Black rubbish bin
BarkBrown compost bin
BatteriesHousehold Waste Recycling Centre, or supermarkets, or the Council Office in WGC.
Biodegradable packagingBlack rubbish bin
Biro'sBlack rubbish bin
Blister packs (for pills)Black rubbish bin
Books (good quality)Charity shops or book banks (at some recycling centres)
Books (beyond reuse)Blue lidded recycling bin (inner box) Pages only, which need to be removed from cover and spine
Bottles (glass and all kinds of plastic, even those with non-removable lids)Blue lidded recycling bin
Branches (cut up)Brown compost bin
Brita water filter cartridgesBlack rubbish bin, or some supermarkets provide recycling facilities
Brown paper (wrapping, envelopes)Blue lidded recycling bin
Bubble wrapBlack rubbish bin



CandlesBlack rubbish bin
CansBlue lidded recycling bin
Cardboard (cereal packets, corrugated boxes, toilet roll tubes, shiny card - remove tape if present)Blue lidded recycling bin
Cardboard cans, lined with metal with plastic seal (cocoa powder or gravy granules)Lid - Blue lidded recycling bin; Can - Black rubbish bin
Cardboard tubes (kitchen roll)Blue lidded recycling bin
Carrier bags 
Cat food pouches (with silver lining)Black rubbish bin, or some supermarkets provide recycling facilities
Cat litterBlack rubbish bin
CataloguesBlack rubbish bin
CDsBlack rubbish bin
CD casesBlack rubbish bin
CellophaneBlack rubbish bin
Cereal boxesBlue lidded recycling bin
Cereal packet inners (plastic)Black rubbish bin
ChemicalsHousehold Waste Recycling Centre
Christmas cards (heavily decorated with glitter, foil etc)Black rubbish bin
Christmas cards (plain)Blue lidded bin (inner box)
Christmas tree (real and cut up)Brown compost bin
Cigarette endsBlack rubbish bin
Cigarette packetsBlack rubbish bin
Cling filmBlack rubbish bin
Clothes, textiles and shoesHousehold Waste Recycling Centre
Coat hangers (plastic or wire)Black rubbish bin
Coffee filtersBlack rubbish bin
Coffee grindsBrown compost bin
Coffee pods (separate plastic and foil)Blue lidded recycling bin
Coffee shop cupsBlack rubbish bin
Coffee shop cup plastic lidsBlue lidded recycling bin
Compostable packaging/bagsBlack rubbish bin (or home compost)
Contact Lense (Daily packaging without foil)Blue lidded bin
Cooking oilHousehold Waste Recycling Centre
Corks (real or plastic)Black rubbish bin
Cotton budsBlack rubbish bin
Cotton reelsBlack rubbish bin
Cotton wool (used)Black rubbish bin
Crisp packetsBlack rubbish bin
Crockery (broken)Black rubbish bin
Cut flowersBrown compost bin
Cutlery (securely wrapped)Black rubbish bin



Disposable cutlery, platesBlack rubbish bin
Disposable plastic drinking cups (not polystyrene)Blue lidded recycling bin
Disposable razor bladesBlack rubbish bin
Dog food/treat pouches (with silver lining)Black rubbish bin
DVD casesBlack rubbish bin



Egg boxes (cardboard)  Blue lidded recycling bin
Egg boxes (plastic)Blue lidded recycling bin
Egg boxes (polystyrene)Black rubbish bin
Egg shellsBrown compost bin
Electrical itemsHousehold Waste Recycling Centre
Engine oilHousehold Waste Recycling Centre
Envelopes - brown (with or without windows)Blue lidded recycling bin
Envelopes - white or coloured (with or without windows)     Blue lidded recycling bin (inner box)



Fast food drink cupsBlack rubbish bin
Fish shellsBrown compost bin or black rubbish bin
Flower potsBlue lidded recycling bin
Flowers (shop bought)Brown compost bin
Foam trays and packagingBlack rubbish bin
Foil, including takeaway traysBlue lidded recycling bin
Foil/plastic wrapping eg crisp packetsBlack rubbish bin
Food wasteBrown compost bin or black rubbish bin
Football ShirtsTextiles Banks



Glass bottles and jarsBlue lidded recycling bin
Grass cuttingsBrown compost bin
Grease-proof paperBlack rubbish bin
Greetings cards (no glitter or foil trimmings)Blue lidded recycling bin (inner box)



HairBlack rubbish bin
Hard covers (of catalogues) Black rubbish bin
Hard plastic (children's toys, storage containers, recycling boxes/bins)Black rubbish bin or Household Waste Recycling Centre
Hay and strawBrown compost bin
Hedge cuttingsBrown compost bin
Holiday brochuresBlue lidded recycling bin (inner box)
Hoover bags and dustBlack rubbish bin



Ice cream tubs (plastic)Blue lidded recycling bin
Ice cream tubs (card/paperboard)Black rubbish bin
Incontinence pads (wrapped)Black rubbish bin
InsecticidesHousehold Waste Recycling Centre



J clothsBlack rubbish bin
Jiffy bag envelopesBlack rubbish bin
Juice cartons (no straws)Blue lidded recycling bin
Junk mail Blue lidded recycling bin (inner box)



Kitchen towelsBlack rubbish bin
Kitchen knives (securely wrapped)Black rubbish bin



Latex glovesBlack rubbish bin
Leaves     Brown compost bin
Lids from bottles (plastic and metal)Blue lidded recycling bin
Light bulbs (energy saving)Household Waste Recycling Centre
Light bulbs (fluorescent tubes)Household Waste Recycling Centre
Light bulbs (halogen)Black rubbish bin
Light bulbs (LED)Household Waste Recycling Centre
Light bulbs (old style)Black rubbish bin



Magazines Blue lidded recycling bin (inner box)
Magazine wrapping (plastic)Black rubbish bin
Magazine wrapping (potato starch)Black rubbish bin (or home compost)
MirrorsHousehold Waste Recycling Centre
MossBrown compost bin



Napkins/serviettesBlack rubbish bin
NappiesBlack rubbish bin
Netting (plastic) eg orange netsBlack rubbish bin
NewspaperBlue lidded recycling bin (inner box)



Office paperBlue lidded recycling bin (inner box)



Paint potsHousehold Waste Recycling Centre
Paper (office, mail, newspaper, magazines, white envelopes)Blue lidded recycling bin (inner box)
Paper towelsBlack rubbish bin
PencilsBlack rubbish bin
PesticidesHousehold Waste Recycling Centre
Pet Bedding for vegetarian pets (hay and straw)Brown compost bin
Pet Bedding for vegetarian pets (shredded cardboard)Black rubbish bin
Pet furBlack rubbish bin
Pet food pouches (with silver lining)Black rubbish bin
Pet litter for meat eating petsBlack rubbish bin
Phone directoriesBlue lidded recycling bin (inner box)
Photo negativesBlack rubbish bin
Photographic paperBlack rubbish bin
Plants (shop bought)Brown compost bin
Plastic bagsBlack rubbish bin, or some supermarkets provide recycling facilities
Plastic bags (eg those used to contain/wrap food)Black rubbish bin
Plastic bottles and loose lids (all; drink, detergent, shampoo bottles)Blue lidded recycling bin
Plastic films (eg from ready meal trays, cooked meat trays)Black rubbish bin
Plastic plant potsBlue lidded recycling bin
Plastic sweet wrappersBlack rubbish bin
Plastic windows on food packaging/boxesBlack rubbish bin
Plastic wrapping (including food wrappers)Black rubbish bin
Plate glassHousehold Waste Recycling Centre
PolystyreneBlack rubbish bin
Polystyrene (Styrofoam/foam) traysBlack rubbish bin
Post it notesBlue lidded recycling bin (inner box)
Potato sacks (thick brown paper)Black rubbish bin
Printer cartridgesBlack rubbish bin
PruningsBrown compost bin
Pyrex (or similar)Black rubbish bin





Razor bladesBlack rubbish bin
Resealable plastic packets (eg containing cheese)Black rubbish bin
Ring bindersBlack rubbish bin
Rubber glovesBlack rubbish bin



Sanitary products (wrapped)Black rubbish bin
Sanitary towelsBlack rubbish bin
SaucepansHousehold Waste Recycling Centre or black rubbish bin
Seed traysBlue lidded recycling bin
SellotapeBlack rubbish bin
Shoes (any kind)Household Waste Recycling Centre
Shower curtainBlack rubbish bin
Shredded paperBlue lidded recycling bin (inner box)
Shrink wrapBlack rubbish bin
Shrubs and flowersBrown compost bin
Soft plastics (bags, films, wrappings)Black rubbish bin
Soil and rubbleHousehold Waste Recycling Centre
Sponges and loofahsBlack rubbish bin
Sticky labels and backing paperBlack rubbish bin
StrawsBlack rubbish bin
StyrofoamBlack rubbish bin
Syringes (sharps)Clinical waste



Tablet packets (plastic and foil)Black rubbish bin
Tea bagsBrown compost bin
Tea light holdersBlue lidded bin
Tetra Paks (juice) cartons (with or without lids)Blue lidded recycling bin
TinsBlue lidded recycling bin
Tissues (used)Black rubbish bin
Tissue paper/packagingBlack rubbish bin
Toothpaste tubesBlack rubbish bin
Toys (plastic)Black rubbish bin or Household Waste Recycling Centre
Trays (plastic food trays, ready meals)Blue lidded recycling bin
Tubs (margarine, butter)Blue lidded recycling bin
TupperwareBlack rubbish bin
TwigsBrown compost bin



Uncooked foodBlack rubbish bin



Video cassettesBlack rubbish bin



WallpaperBlack rubbish bin
Water filter cartridges (eg Brita)Black rubbish bin, or some supermarkets provide recycling facilities
Wax crayonsBlack rubbish bin
Weed control fabricBlack rubbish bin
WeedsBrown compost bin
Weed killer sprayHousehold Waste Recycling Centre
Wet wipesBlack rubbish bin
Window frames (wooden or plastic)Household Waste Recycling Centre
Wires/cablesBlack rubbish bin
Wood (treated)Black rubbish bin
Wood shavingsBrown compost bin
Woodchip wallpaperBlack rubbish bin
Wrappers (eg from sweets, biscuits)Black rubbish bin
Wrapping (plastic) eg from around magazines Black rubbish bin
Wrapping paperBlack rubbish bin





Yellow pagesBlue lidded recycling bin (inner box)
Yoghurt pots and plastic lids (not peel back lids)Blue lidded recycling bin




Last updated: 10th July 2018