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Parking Services have started consulting residents and businesses within this area.

Parking Services are currently consulting in the Aldykes area. A list of correspondence sent to residents can be found on this web page. As the work progresses, each new consultation document will be added to the below table. If you believe a document to be missing, please email our Contact Centre.

The Ryde

Parking Restriction Consultation

Consultation Documents

Aldykes Area

Second consultation letter to residents and businesses in the Aldykes Area

This letter has been sent to any roads in which we received a response rate of less than 20% following the delivery of the first consultation letter. We would like to encourage everybody to complete the survey form. The more information we receive, the easier it will be to implement suitable changes.

Roads with  less than a 20% response rate:

Beech Close, Briars Wood, Feather Dell, Grove Mead, Holliers Way, Maple Close, Maryland, Oak Grove, Spring Glen.

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Icon for pdf Parking Restriciton Options 

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Initial letter to residents and businesses in the Aldykes Area, Hatfield.

This letter outlines the scope of the whole project. The Council are seeking views on the current parking restrictions to establish whether or not any changes are needed to improve parking provisions.

The Council are responding to requests to protect the verge and pavement, since an increasing number of drivers are using these to park on. This is making areas look unsightly and results in an increased maintenance cost to the Council, who would be responsible for any repairs.

Along with this, we will be assessing areas that may have the potential to be converted into parking bays in an attempt to create more parking provisions. However, this work will be limited due to existing lighting or other services located within the verges. Please note that Parking Services are also unable to move any trees that are in situ.

Please see the attached drawing for a visual representation of the restrictions we are proposing.

The roads which form part of this area are:

Aldykes, Beech Close, Birch Drive, Birch Close, Briars Close, Briars Lane, Briars Wood, Cavan Court, Cedar Road, Part of Chantry Lane, Croftfield, Dellfield Road, Elm Drive, Feather Dell, Firs Close, Grove Mead, Haseldine Meadows, Hillcrest, Hill Ley, Hillside, Holliers Way, Maple Close, Maryland, Oak Grove, Oaklands Wood, Spring Glen, Sycamore Avenue and Veritys.

Icon for pdf Initial proposals - March 2018

Icon for pdf Parking Restriciton Options 

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