Allotment Tenancy Agreement (your responsibilities)

More information for allotment owners

Important information for allotment owners

  • most plots will be overgrown when let and you will need to clear them
  • not all plots have water, check allotment locations for details
  • plots are for residents only
  • unfortunately Allotment Tenancy Agreements cannot be transferred to friends or relatives if the allotment owner is ill or passes away.

What to let us know about before accepting your plot

Let us know if before accepting your plot if:

  • you have concerns about the condition
  • If there is rubbish or waste, we are able to remove some large items of non-organic waste if we think it is an unresonable amount for you to clear.

Changing the size of your plot

If a plot is too large:

  • If your plot is 125m2 or larger we can divide it, let the other half and amend your bill
  • If your plot size is smaller than 125m2 we would need to transfer you to another plot when the one becomes available

If a plot is too small:

  • we can transfer you to a larger plot once it becomes available, there may be a long wait.