All public verges and footways in the roads listed below have a parking prohibition restriction. The restrictions apply at all times, and any vehicle seen by the Civil Enforcement Officers parking on the public verge or footway, will be issued a Penalty Charge Notice. If you see any vehicles parked in such a manner in these roads, please contact 01279 655261.

If such parking is occurring in any road that is not listed on this page, please contact 01707 357000 and a report can be made to our Street Wardens. If you would like your road/Ward to be considered for a Verge Protection Order, please contact customer services on 01707 357000 or and your request will be added to the investigation list for consideration of a future work programme.


Brain Close

Breaks Road

Beaconsfield Road

Bury Road

Endymion Road

Cranborne Road

French Horn Lane


Goldings Crescent

Hollier Court

Howe Dell

Link Close

Link Drive

Oaklands Wood

Old French Horn Lane

Old Rectory Drive

Onslow Close

St Albans Road East

St Etheldredas Drive

School Lane

Wood Close

Wood Vale