The Stage 9 hearing sessions were held during February and March 2021.

9 July 2021 - The Inspector's Supplementary Report and additional documents following the Stage 9 Hearings are now available and can be viewed in the in the Examination documents at EX271-EX276 inclusive. 

The Stage 9 Hearing Sessions took place on the following dates:

Week 1:  Monday 22 February - Wednesday 24 February

Week 2:  Thursday 4 March

Week 3:  Tuesday 9 March - Thursday 11 March

Week 4:  Tuesday 16 March - Thursday 18 March.

For further information please see the documents listed below:

Icon for pdf WHDC Daily Participants 22-24 Feb 2021 sessions (002) 23.2.21

Icon for pdf WH Draft Programme & Participants 22-24 Feb 2021 V.3 (17.2.21)

Icon for pdf WH draft Stage 9 Site Allocation hearing sessions Participants (004) 16.3.21

Icon for pdf WH. Draft Programme V18 Stage 9 (25..2.21)

Icon for pdf EX253 Inspector's Stage 9 round-up notes 18.3.21


Monday 22 February - Green Belt Boundaries Icon for pdf 2021 Green Belt Hearing Agenda (003)

Tuesday 23 February -  Objectively Assessed Need Icon for pdf 2021 FOAHN Hearing Agenda

Wednesday 24 February - Windfalls Icon for pdf 2021 Windfalls Hearing Agenda

Thursday 4 March - AM session SP19 SDS2 Birchall Garden Suburb and Panshanger Icon for pdf 4 March AM Sessions BGS & Panshanger

Thursday 4 March - PM session SP18 SDS1 Panshanger Icon for pdf 4 March PM Session- Welwyn Garden City 2021 Agenda

Tuesday 9 March - AM session - Symondshyde Icon for pdf 9 March AM Session - Symondshyde

Tuesday 9 March - PM Session- Hatfield Icon for pdf 9 March PM Session - Hatfield

Wednesday 10 March - AM Session - Woolmer Green Icon for pdf 10 March AM Session Woolmer Green

Wednesday 10 March - PM Session - Digswell & Oaklands Mardley Heath Icon for pdf 10 March PM Session Agenda Digswell and Oaklands

Thursday 11 March - AM Session - WelwynIcon for pdf Thursday 11 AM Session - Welwyn

Thursday 11 March - PM Session - Lemsford and Stanborough Icon for pdf 11 March PM Session - Lemsford and Stanborough

Tuesday 16 March - Welham Green Icon for pdf 16 March - Welham Green

Wednesday 17 March - AM Session - Brookmans Park Icon for pdf 17 March AM Session - Brookmans Park

Wednesday 17 March - PM Session - Little Heath Icon for pdf 17 March PM Session - Little Heath

Thursday 18 March - AM Session - Cuffley Icon for pdf 18 March - AM Session - Cuffley

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Consultation on various examination documents,  some of which concern individual  allocated sites within the submitted Local Plan, took place between 18 January and 12 February 2021.  The  responses submitted in response to the documents relating to the allocated sites which are listed for a hearing in the Stage 9 sessions will be relevant for these hearing sessions.  Responses to the consultation can be viewed on the  Consultation Responses to selected Examination Documents 18.1.21 to 12.2.21  page. 

Hearing Statements




Virtual Hearing Sessions

The hearing sessions were held virtually on Zoom and recordings of each of the sessions are available using the View hearing sessions link on this page.

Icon for pdf Virtual Hearing participation notes FINAL 2021

Icon for pdf Inspector's Guidance Notes - revised July 2020

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