Essendon  Consultation


UPDATE: 28th April 2020 - The ETRO will be removed, and restrictions in effect before December 2019 (single yellow line in Church Street and West End Lane) will come back into action.

December 2019: Due to recent incidents of the local bus service forced to stop in the middle of the highway of Essendon Hill which causes congestion, a alternative solution will be trialled. From Monday 16th December 2019, the bus stop will be relocated as a trial to Church Street. To enable the bus to pick up, additional double yellow lines will be introduced as part of an experimental traffic regulation order to assist the bus movement, as previous contact from the bus companies highlighted services being cancelled in the past due to parked vehicles. A ETRO can be in effect for up to 18 months, and during the period, once the yellow lines have been introduced we welcome ALL comments to be made, and objections should be made in writing and sent either to or by post to: Ka Ng, Council Offices, The Campus, Welwyn Garden City AL8 6AE

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Letter sent to residents in Essendon December 2019
Letter and plan sent to residents notifying of the experimental Order.
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Essendon Experimental Traffic Regulation Order - December 2019
Sealed Experimental Traffic Regulation Order relating to the experiment of double yellow lines in Church Street, Essendon Hill and West End Lane. Also included in this document is the Notice of Making and Statement of Reasons
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Initial letter to residents Essendon
This is the second consultation letter,which notifies residents of options available and has an attached plan showing where new proposals could be introduced. Letter sent to residents on 12 December 2018.
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Parking restrictions Essendon
Parking Services are proposing further updates to restrictions in Essendon village.