Parking Services are now consulting in the Salisbury Village area. A list of correspondence sent to residents and occupiers can be found on this page. As the work progresses, each new consultation document will be added below. The previous survey posted in March received a very low response rate which has led to the letter, maps and survey listed below being sent again. The survey has been amended to include preferred days of operation.


The Council is preparing plans in anticipation of Hertfordshire County Council adopting the roads in the Salisbury Village area. A plan of the area this covers can be found below. This set of plans will be regularly updated while the consultation phase is open.

Currently the roads which have restrictions such as resident parking permits or double yellow lines are managed by the developers through a private contractor. Once the roads are adopted this arrangement will cease. This means the current restrictions will not be enforceable. Therefore Welwyn Hatfield Council are taking this opportunity to consult residents and other affected parties to understand what restrictions they would like to see in their roads and the days and times for these restrictions to operate. Any restrictions would apply to the main carriageway and will not extend to any of the private parking areas.


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Salisbury Village North, South and VPO
A PDF containing maps of proposed works in Salisbury Village North, South and VPO
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Salisbury Village April letter and survey
A second letter and survey sent to residents/occupiers.
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Salisbury Village March letter and survey
A letter and survey sent to residents asking for views and ideas on current and proposed parking restrictions.
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Salisbury Village Drop In Invitation letter 19.02.2020
A letter sent to residents inviting them to attend an open session.