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What is a resident permit scheme?

Resident permit schemes within the Borough are created by the Council under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984. Resident permit schemes can assist residents who find it difficult to park within a reasonable distance of their homes, which could be caused by other factors such as other parking demands such as close to universities, town centres, or railway stations.

What is a permit area?

Resident permit schemes are created into zones. Zones can vary in size, and operate dependent on the majority response received from residents and other affected parties. The signage displayed within the zones (and for most zones on the entry plates at the start of the zone) contains the zone identity to indicate which zone's permits can be used there.


What is a resident permit?

This permit is used for any vehicle that is registered to an occupant who lives on a permanent basis at an eligible property listed within the permit zone. Occupants can apply providing they can provide proof that they reside at the property and that the vehicle is registered or insured at that address. Vehicles can be passenger or goods vehicles. However, the vehicle must not exceed 2.3 metres in height or 5.25 metres in length, and must not be adapted to carry more than twelve passengers. One vehicle per permit is allowed.


Who pays for the scheme?

Local Authorities charge for permits because the law requires that the enforcement of civil parking areas must be self-financing and not funded by all taxpayers. Ideally, all drivers would park lawfully and responsibly, so there would be no need for any Penalty Charge tickets to be issued. The sale of permits. And visitor vouchers contributes towards the cost of enforcing the scheme.

How much does a permit cost?



How do I obtain a permit?

Occupants can apply providing they can provide proof that they reside at the property and that the vehicle is registered or insured at that address.

To apply for a resident parking permit or paperless visitor vouchers please visit https://welhat.nsl-apply.co.uk . Useful information on how to make an application can be found on our website at www.welhat.gov.uk/permitsandvouchers and by requesting a printed copy.

Alternatives are available to those unable to apply online.


What is a Verge Protection Order?

A VPO is an order which protects green areas, grass verges, footways and pavements. Areas under a VPO permit the issuing of penalty charge notices against vehicles found in contravention. The council introduces VPOs to tackle nuisance and obstructive parking on green areas, grass verges, footways and pavements.


What does a single yellow line do?

A single yellow line places a time-limited no-waiting restriction on road. Time specific restrictions can last for as little as thirty minutes all the way up to twenty three hours. Only emergency service and other specifically exempt vehicles may wait on the line during the specified no waiting hours. After the specified time restriction passes, any vehicle can park on the line without risking a fine.