We can also collect small amounts of clothing, small electrical items and batteries. Please present these on the same week your blue lidded bin is collected.


We collect small amounts of unwanted clothing. Good quality items may be reused while others can be recycled to make industrial rags or upholstery stuffing

  • Please present a small carrier bag-sized amount next to (not inside) your other bin(s) on collection day.
  • Please do not place your textiles in black sacks or charity bags. These will not be taken.
  • Please do not include large textiles such as towels or bedding, including pillows and duvets.


Small electrical items

We can collect small broken / old household electrical appliances such as kettles, toasters, hairdryers, electrical leads and chargers.

  • Please place out in a small carrier bag next to (not inside) your other bin(s).
  • We can't accept items such as microwaves, TVs or larger as they will not fit on the tray fitted to the collection vehicle.
  • Please do not present your waste electrical items in a black sack or charity bags as they will not be collected.



We collect small household batteries (9 volt, AA, AAA, C, D), button batteries (watch batteries)

  • Please put your batteries in a small bag on top of the refuse or recycling bin on collection day.
  • We can't accept batteries from Vape/e-cigarettes, industrial batteries, mobile phone, laptop or car batteries. They will need to be disposed of safely at your local household waste and recycling centre.


Please do not mix textiles, small electricals and batteries in the same bag. We can only accept one small bag of each type per house, as there is limited space on the collection vehicle.