The Draft Welwyn Hatfield Local Plan was submitted for examination in May 2017 and is currently undergoing a series of public hearing sessions.

Following a request from the Inspector who is responsible for examining the Local Plan, the council is currently exploring if there is any scope for additional housing sites to be identified to help meet the objectively assessed need for housing.

The council's Cabinet Planning and Parking Panel (CPPP) has agreed the following way forward:

  1. The council undertakes a new Call for Sites;

  2. Potential new sites will be published for public comment;

  3. An analysis of sites (on an individual and cumulative basis) will be undertaken;

  4. Densities of sites already proposed for allocation will be reviewed and additional sites recommended for allocation will be presented to CPPP in the summer of 2019;

  5. Any additional sites proposed for allocation will then be submitted to the Local Plan Inspector;

  6. Examination hearing sessions will then take place for the villages and Symondshyde new village (including any additional sites proposed for allocation).

We are now at Stage 1 in the above process, the Call for Sites.

How to submit a site for consideration

If you are already registered, or would like to register on our Local Plan database, you can complete an interactive Call for Sites 2019 HELAA Form  on our consultation portal .

Alternatively please download the Call for Sites 2019 HELAA form (in Word) from the Supporting Documents tab on our consultation portal  or request a copy of the Call for Sites 2019 HELAA form by contacting Planning Policy at or on 01707 357532.

Use this form if you wish to:

  • Submit a new site for consideration; or

  • Confirm that you would like a site that is not currently included in the Draft Local Plan but was previously promoted through the HELAA (or its predecessor the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment - SHLAA) or through the consultation on the Draft Local Plan 2016 to remain under consideration.

Please use a separate form for each site being submitted and return your completed form and a site plan by 5pm on Monday 4th February 2019.

Your completed form and site plan can either by submitted by email to or by post to Planning Policy, Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council, The Campus, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire. AL8 6AE

What you need to consider

Sites must be at least 0.25ha in size or capable of accommodating 5 or more dwellings in order to be considered for allocation in the Local Plan. Any proposals for new settlements should be capable of accommodating at least 1,000 dwellings. Sites which could accommodate Gypsy and Traveller pitches can also be promoted for consideration.

Please note that potential new sites will be published for public comment following the Call for Sites and will not be treated as confidential.

Sites that are subject to significant constraints, e.g. have no suitable form (or legal right) of access, fall within an area at high risk of flooding or would fail to protect nature conservation or historic assets of national or local importance will not be considered suitable for allocation. You will need to indicate whether all landowners with an interest in a site are willing to bring the site forward for development at some point in the plan period and confirm that, to the best of your knowledge, there are no legal impediments preventing this from happening.

The promotion of a site and its assessment through the HELAA does not imply the allocation of any site for development nor does it guarantee planning permission will be granted.

If you have any questions the please call Planning Policy on 01707 357532

The previous HELAA and other helpful links

You can see how sites were previously assessed in the 2016 Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment 2016 (HELAA).

The Examination library (evidence base) contains the evidence base for the Local Plan including previous SHLAA and HELAA.

You can view more information on the Local Plan examination including the latest news and all Examination documents, including and the Council's latest Green Belt Study (Examination Documents EX88A, 88B, 88C, 88D and 94).