Booking a funeral

Apply to book a burial

To book a burial follow the steps below:

  • Check the internment times below and available burial dates and times to choose a time and date. Funeral services held in the chapel should take place before the burial times, for example at 10.30am for an 11am burial, or 1.30pm for a 2pm burial.
  • Use the link below to complete the burial application form and send it back to us at least three workings days before the funeral.
  • If you would like a new cremated remains plot at the Hyde or Lawn Cemetery you will also need to provide us with proof of residence.
  • If the burial is at the Lawn Cemetery you must also sign the Lawn Rules and Regulations and return it to us.
  • If the funeral is likely to be large (more than 20 vehicles, horse and carriage procession, or any escorted guests of her majesty) you must tell us as soon as possible. Complete a Large Funeral Notification and return it to us.

 Burial Application Form 

Please note only one internment can take place at any once. If you do not supply all of the information above we may have to cancel the burial booking. 

In some cases we may be able to allow a burial with less than three days notice but this is at our discretion.

Internment times

The times available to book internments are:

  • Monday to Friday 11am  and 2pm
  • Saturday 11am

The times available to book the internment of Cremated Remains are:

  • Monday to Friday 11am ,12.30om and 2pm
  • Saturday 11am

Internments are not available on Sundays, Good Friday, Christmas Day, Bank Holidays or any other Public Holidays.

Islamic Funerals

We will try to accommodate burial requests within three working days.

  • Unfortunately we currently cannot allow any person to enter a grave space. 
  • Families are encouraged to align and prop the body on a wooden board which will be provided next to the grave.
  • The board can be lowered into the grave using the method traditionally used to lower a casket into a grave space.
  • Suitable soil will be left at the side of the grave to allow symbolic rituals. 
  • Arrangements can be made should mourners wish to backfill by hand.

Contact cemetery services

We are responsible for the management of cemeteries, grounds maintenance, burial provision and burial registration.

Address: Council Offices
The Campus
Welwyn Garden City

Telephone: 01707 357 000