Coffins, caskets and containers

There are rules around the use coffins, caskets and containers:

  • The name of the deceased as written on the death certificate must be inscribed on the top of the container.
  • The Cemetery Supervisor shall be allowed free access before the interment to inspect the inscription so they are certain of the individual to be interred.
  • If any uncertainties are found, the funeral may be delayed or cancelled until the officer is satisfied of the identification.
  • If you would like to use a non-wooden container you must contact us first to get agreement.
  • Caskets are permitted, there may be additional costs if they are over a certain size as a bigger plot may be required.
  • If caskets are used, only two burials are permitted in an 8ft grave due to their additional height.

Open Caskets 

We try to meet the needs of the bereaved and will grant most requests to open the casket or container during a service. If the death was due to a notifiable infectious disease we cannot grant a request for an open casket.

If you would like to request an open casket or container you should include this in the Burial Application Form.