Memorial Benches

Only benches installed by the Council are allowed at The Lawn and Hyde Cemetery. We issue licences for them to be used as memorials.

License a memorial bench

You can buy a license for a memorial bench for up to 10 years.

This includes:

  •  a bench installed by us in an agreed location
  •  creating a single plaque with an agreed inscription and installing this on the bench.

Further plaques can be added for an additional charge.

Contact us to buy a license for a memorial bench plaque.

Renew a memorial bench license

After the 10 year licence expires the licence holder can:

  • renew their licence at the current renewal fee
  • decline to renew and the plaque will be removed from the bench and returned to them. The bench will then be made available for other memorials.

We will contact you when your license is up for renewal, please make sure you let us know if your contact details change.

More information for memorial benches license holders

  • We will try to place the bench as close as possible to the position you request. Locations of benches are on a first come first served basis.
  • Please note benches can only be installed by the council. If a bench has been installed by anyone other than the council, it will be removed without notice and without guarantee of safe return.
  • No items can be placed or planted on or around benches, they will be removed without notice and the person responsible may be charged.
  • Any person may sit on any bench in the cemetery.
  • If bench or plinth becomes damaged or unsafe we will repair or replace it. We will try to notify the license holder. It is important license holders tell us if their contact details change.

Information for bench owners (where this is not the council)

  • We will replace these with a council owned bench and plaque when the current license ends.
  • If the bench owner no longer wishes to continue with the memorial they have 30 days to remove the bench and plinth return the area to grass. If this work is not done, we will carry it without notice and can not guarantee the safe return of the bench. The owner may also be charged for this.
  • If your bench or plinth becomes damaged or unsafe, it is the owner's responsibility to fix this. We will try to notify the bench owner as soon as possible if we notice it is damaged or unsafe.
  • If it is a health and safety issue, or it has not been fixed after the 30 days, the bench will be removed immediately and kept in storage for 30 days for he owner to collect.
  • If the bench or plinth cannot be repaired the owner can purchase a new bench under our bench policy, or to remove the bench and plinth and to return the area to grass.

Contact cemetery services

We are responsible for the management of cemeteries, grounds maintenance, burial provision and burial registration.

Address: Council Offices
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Telephone: 01707 357 000