Wellness Fund Grant

Wellness Fund Grant guidance


About The Wellness Community Fund

Organisations across Welwyn Hatfield can now apply for a grant from the new Wellness Community Fund. The fund can be used towards community engagement and outreach work that helps to improve mental and physical wellbeing and/or reduces health inequalities, especially for health issues particularly impacted by the spread of coronavirus.

Applications for a grant are especially welcomed for initiatives that engage with residents to understand barriers and increase awareness of the benefits of activities that contribute to physical and mental wellbeing.

  • The application process will be open until 30 September 2022. The funding available is capped and applications received after the amount is fully allocated will not be considered. Application forms and supporting documents should therefore be submitted as soon as possible. The applications will be periodically reviewed by the council’s Grants Board.
  • The maximum amount you can apply for grant funding is £5,000.
  • The main objective of projects and initiatives are expected to be delivered by 31 August 2022 and finalised by 30 September 2022.


Expectations from application

It is important to remember that your application is assessed solely on the information you provide in your application form. Each application is judged on its own merits and a vote to grant the funding is done by a simple majority vote. Officers do not get a vote and provide the administration for the Grants Board only.

The Grants Board does have the ability to fund an organisation by a different amount either more or less than what has been requested.

When completing the application you must not type more than what the text box allows.


Projects we are likely to support

Your application is only likely to be considered if you meet the following criteria:

  • at least 50 per cent of your organisations’ members/clients/users live or work in the borough of Welwyn Hatfield
  • provided project updates and/or final feedback if you were successful with a previous grant application from the council
  • your organisation is either a registered charity, incorporated or unincorporated charity or a voluntary/community/not-for-profit group
  • your organisation commits to equality and diversity, and can provide a copy of equality and diversity statement or policy
  • your organisation commits to safeguarding vulnerable members of the community, and can provide a copy of safeguarding statement or policy
  • appropriate insurance is in place for all events and services provided
  • finances are audited or independently reviewed on an annual basis
  • your organisation is sustainable and can show budgetary information for the next financial year
  • able to provide signed constitution or Articles of Memorandum
  • able to provide copies of your organisations’ last three months’ worth of bank statements
  • able to provide detailed costs relating to application
  • organisation has reserves which would total less than 2 year running costs


Projects we are unlikely to support

Projects we are unlikely to support include:

  • applications for commercial/profit making organisations
  • applications from town/parish councils
  • projects that are deemed to be in place of statutory bodies
  • national charities, unless the project is solely for the benefit of local residents
  • projects promoting political or religious beliefs
  • funding for individuals
  • projects that have already taken place
  • projects that do not benefit, or are not based in, the borough of Welwyn Hatfield
  • applications if the funding request is for 100% of the salary of an individual. However, applications for contribution to a salary for a new post on a fixed term contract will be considered
  • projects that were funded in the previous 24 months (unless agreed with the chair of the board prior to submission)
  • funding applications over £5,000 will only be granted in exceptional circumstances
  • funding requests for contributions to capital costs (e.g., new buildings)
  • projects that are requesting funding for temporary buildings or structures
  • projects that directly conflict with the council’s priorities
  • organisations that are publically funded such as schools and universities if they are requesting funding for projects for a select group of young people however will consider projects benefiting the wider community


The application: Your organisation and applicant’s details

This section of the application gathers information about the organisation. The individual whose contact information is provided to represent the organisation should be the main lead on the project and will be the main point of contact for the grants officer should any queries arise.


The application: Criteria

Before completing the application form you are required to answer several questions to identify whether you are eligible to apply for support from The Wellness Community Fund. Please note, if you answer NO to any of the questions, it means that your current application or your organisation does not meet the essential criteria set by the council’s Grants Board. As such, your application will not be considered by the Grants Board.


The application: Information about your project

The projects considered by the Grants Board are often varied and diverse but must show how your application for funding makes a positive contribution to Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council’s Innovation Grant priorities, which are:

  • improve outreach of public health messages into communities where interaction with health services is lower
  • raise awareness of the ongoing prevalence of Covid-19 and how we can reduce the spread
  • tackle misinformation about vaccines and increase trust around vaccine safety
  • overcome barriers to accessing health services including language, location and transport
  • support to encourage residents to manage their own health and wellbeing, including access to the right information and support to stay healthy

You are required to tick the boxes which best describe the category your project/initiative falls into.


The application: Project details

This section is all about providing as much information as possible about your organisation, the project, and how it will impact health and wellbeing in the borough. Providing evidence and statistics to support the information you’ve provided will be beneficial for the application.


The application: Funding

The maximum amount of funding you can request is £5,000.

The project budget must be completed clearly and accurately, stating what percentage of the item will be covered through the funding. All items in your budget must be reasonable and necessary to complete the project.

It is important that you clarify how you will fund the remaining difference of the project if you have not applied for 100% of funding such as from further funding, fundraising.

If the Grants Board doesn’t think the amount you have asked for is a good value of money, they may offer you less than the amount you applied for or may add conditions to your funding.


Supporting documentation and declaration

If your application is granted the funding we will need your organisation’s bank details, it is important that the account information provided in the application is the same account as the copies of bank statements you send with the application.

To confirm that you agree to the declaration stated in the application and guarantee that the money will be used solely for the purpose outlined in the application form, an authorised individual needs to sign and date the declaration.

Once completing the application form, we ask for further documentation to support your application, these documents are:


  • a copy of your organisations’ last three months’ worth of bank statements
  • completed budget section in the application
  • a copy of the organisation’s completed Diversity Monitoring form
  • a copy of the organisations Constitution or Memorandum of Articles
  • a copy of the Equality and Diversity statement/policy (unless exempt)
  • a copy of Safeguarding statement/policy


Diversity monitoring form

All applicants must complete the diversity monitoring form with accurate data held or best estimates.

The diversity monitoring form must be signed by an authorised individual.

We will only use these details for monitoring purposes and will not pass this information to any other organisation without your permission. The only people who will see your declaration are the staff and councillors directly involved with the grant award.



a.  Feedback

If you have previously been granted a Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council community grant you are expected to provide feedback upon completion of the project. If this information hasn’t been provided in the past, then there is a chance you won’t be considered for future funding.

b. Projects funded within the last 24 months.

Projects funded within the previous 24 months won’t be considered. However, the same organisation is eligible to apply within the 24-month period but for a different project.


How to apply

You must use the correct Wellness Community Fund application form and send it to grants@welhat.gov.uk with all the supporting documents before the closing date specified. The form can be made available in braille and other languages on request. 

Requests made by letter, email or telephone will not be considered.

Applications must not be handwritten unless it has been agreed otherwise with the Chair of the Board prior to submission.


What happens next

Applications received after the closing date will not be considered.

  • The Grants Officer will log all applications received.
  • All applications will be checked to make sure they meet the eligible criteria and have attached all the appropriate documentation. If at this point we find that information is missing we will contact you to provide us with the additional information by return.
  • All eligible applicants will be passed on to the Grants Board for scoring against the scoring matrix.
  • The Grants Board will meet at the beginning of August to make their final decision on what applications are awarded the funding.
  • If your application is unsuccessful you will receive a letter in the post notifying you of this decision and why this decision was made. If your organisation is successful you will receive a letter in the post outlining:
    • The conditions of the grant
    • Any special conditions
    • When we will pay the grant
    • Details on feedback expectations
  • Before we release any grant payments you must sign and return The Wellness Community Fund Agreement, within 2 weeks of the date of the offer letter.
  • Once the signed agreement has been returned you can expect payment within 4 weeks.
  • Upon completion of the project, of which you received funding for, it is mandatory that you complete The Wellness Community Fund feedback form to ensure you are considered for any future funding from Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council.

The Grants Board’s decision on whether you have been awarded the funding is final, however if your application is unsuccessful you can contact the Grants Officer for feedback.


Getting Help

If you need help completing the application form or have any queries, please contact the Grants Officer on grants@welhat.gov.uk or call 01707 357 158.

If you are unsure if you are eligible for The Wellness Community Fund we would recommend you make contact prior to completing the application form.