Council tax


Paying council tax by installments

If your income is affected by COVID-19, you could spread your council tax payments.

Arrange to pay by instalments using our online self-service*

 *choose the Sign In/Register option

 Or, alternatively you can contact us at

You can also speak with Citizens Advice, whose trained advisors can help with a range of issues, including money worries. Use the 'email us' link on the homepage of their website or call 01707 280417.

Council tax support

Council Tax Support is designed to help those on a low income, or claiming some benefits, to pay their council tax.

Start an application for council tax support

If you know your circumstances are going to change, you can claim up to eight weeks before the change is due to happen.

If you are still struggling to pay your bill, you may be eligible for further support from our hardship relief fund.

You can view the full details in our Council Tax Reduction Scheme.