Results for the Borough and Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) elections held on 5 May 2016.

Borough Council Elections

Borough turnout:  35.11%

Brookmans Park and Little Heath Ward - 3 seats - turnout: 37.59%

Name of CandidateDescription (if any)VotesElected
ANSCOMBE, MichaelLiberal Democrats278 
BAIN, Nigel Anthony van SomerenLiberal Democrats202 
BLUMSOM, JennyLiberal Democrats261 
BOULTON, Jonathan Stephen FindlayConservative Party Candidate1275E
BOULTON, Stephen JohnConservative Party Candidate1319E
COSTELLO, Peter JohnLabour Party257 
DEAN, John WilliamConservative Party Candidate1265E
DOLAN, James RobertLabour Party233 
EAMES-PETERSEN, John RichardLabour Party221 

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Haldens Ward - 3 seats - turnout: 37.18%

Name of CandidateDescription (if any)VotesElected
ALLISON, LynneGreen Party candidate312 
BENAKIS, AlexLiberal Democrats117 
CORBEY-WEST, ChrisLiberal Democrats168 
FITZSIMON, Barbara AnnConservative Party Candidate734E
HEBDEN, PeterConservative Party Candidate622 
LARKINS, MikeLabour Party782E
LYONS, Tara MaryLabour Party571 
MUSK, LucyLabour Party655 
SPINKS, Malcolm RobertConservative Party Candidate666E
WARD, Sandra JeanLiberal Democrats246 

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Handside Ward - 3 seats - turnout: 51.2%

Name of CandidateDescription (if any)VotesElected
ATKINSON, NickLabour Party451 
BASCH, Rachel LesleyLiberal Democrats1020E
BROMLEY, Helen ElizabethConservative Party Candidate1170E
DOWLER, Graham EricConservative Party Candidate1015 
GRICE, TonyLabour Party430 
LEWIS, DarrenLabour Party386 
QUINTON, Nigel AlanLiberal Democrats1016 
RAW, Cecile MayGreen Party candidate180 
ROHALE, AyeshaLiberal Democrats824 
THOMSON, FionaConservative Party Candidate1202E

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Hatfield Central Ward - 3 seats - turnout: 27.5%

Name of CandidateDescription (if any)VotesElected
COOK, Maureen JanetLabour Party786E
CROSSE, James SamuelConservative Party Candidate455 
EDWARDS, John AdamLiberal Democrats171 
HAYES, Glyn CharlesLabour Party742E
OLAWOYIN, BukkyConservative Party Candidate392 
RICHARDSON, Karen ElizabethLiberal Democrats166 
SHAH, PankitLabour Party683E
WALTON, Charles David PerryLiberal Democrats127 
WHEELER, Ronald LeonardConservative Party Candidate371 

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Hatfield East Ward - 3 seats - turnout: 34.85%

Name of CandidateDescription (if any)VotesElected
BRANDON, LennyLabour Party717E
GILLETT, Caroline RuthConservative Party Candidate731E
GREGORY, IanGreen Party first choice candidate229 
HOLMAN, Kerstin BirgitConservative Party Candidate765E
JUGGINS, Caron AnneIndependent315 
KNOTT, Philip JohnLabour Party663 
KUMAR, ManojConservative Party Candidate575 
MEYLAND-SMITH, LisLiberal Democrats225 
SAYERS, ChristianneGreen Party second choice candidate201 
SAYERS, OliverGreen Party third choice candidate105 
ZHAVERI, BhumiLabour Party499 

Declaration of Result of Poll - Icon for pdf Hatfield East Ward

Hatfield South West Ward - 3 seats - turnout: 30.71%

Names of CandidatesDescription (if any)VotesElected
ADAMS, JackConservative Party Candidate477 
ARCHER, Sheila JeanLiberal Democrats176 
ARCHER, Simon JohnLiberal Democrats155 
BOON, TomConservative Party Candidate481 
BROACH, James Robert AlanLabour Party703E
FITZPATRICK, John ChristopherLabour Party713E
GADHVI, SanjayUK Independence Party (UKIP)222 
LAMING, Hazel MarionLiberal Democrats168 
PERKINS, David JohnConservative Party Candidate384 
THORPE, Kieran MichaelLabour Party698E

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Hatfield Villages Ward - 3 seats - turnout: 29.87%

Names of CandidatesDescription (if any)VotesElected
BEEVERS, Graham MartynLabour Party480 
BELL, Duncan JamesConservative Party Candidate667E
EAMES-PETERSEN, Margaret AnneLabour Party555 
EDWARDS, RosLiberal Democrats151 
MORGAN, HowardConservative Party Candidate690E
QUENET, Matthew JohnLiberal Democrats146 
QUINTON, JaneLiberal Democrats178 
SPARKS, Lynne MicheleConservative Party Candidate731E
WIDGER, Alexander DavidLabour Party507 

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Hollybush Ward - 3 seats - turnout: 31.9%

Names of CandidatesDescription (if any)VotesElected
BASCH, JonquilLiberal Democrats75 
BASCH, KonradLiberal Democrats68 
BIRLESON, MargaretLabour Party670E
CHESTERMAN, Lynn AnneLabour Party664E
MILLIKEN, James AndrewUK Independence Party (UKIP)247 
PACE, NickConservative Party Candidate700E
PULI, SyamConservative Party Candidate492 
RICHARDSON, Drew RobertConservative Party Candidate532 
THORPE, Astrid CarleLabour Party585 
WILSON, Paul GrahamLiberal Democrats105 

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Howlands Ward - 3 seats - turnout: 33.45%

Names of CandidatesDescription (if any)VotesElected
BROWN, Laurence GeoffreyLiberal Democrats190 
CHANDRASEKARAN, KamalaConservative Party Candidate483 
CHESTERMAN, AlanLabour Party724E
HOLLOWAY, Max PeterLabour Party626E
MILLIKEN, Dean JamesUK Independence Party (UKIP)314 
SMITH, Mark AlexanderConservative Party Candidate498 
TUNSTALL, StanIndependent192 
TUOHY, Michael Damian JosephLiberal Democrats111 
WESTON, Pauline JillLabour Party654E
YEOWELL, Annalisa DorothyConservative Party Candidate580 

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Northaw and Cuffley Ward - 3 seats - turnout: 31.9%

Names of CandidatesDescription (if any)VotesElected
DEAN, Irene HildaConservative Party Candidate1112E
DURRANT, Robina HelenLiberal Democrats299 
JOHNSON, Howard CliveLiberal Democrats209 
JOHNSON, LizLiberal Democrats249 
MACARTHUR, Graham MorrisLabour Party210 
MICHAELIDES, GeorgeConservative Party Candidate984E
SARSON, Bernard JohnConservative Party Candidate957E

Declaration of Result of Poll - Icon for pdf Northaw and Cuffley Ward

Panshanger Ward - 3 seats - turnout: 30.94%

Names of CandidatesDescription (if any)VotesElected
ARCH, JonLiberal Democrats153 
BENNETT, Darren Malcolm Conservative Party Candidate632E
CHIGWANGWA, Joshua MuromboLabour Party363 
HUMPHREYS, HenryGreen Party first choice candidate267 
IWASYK, SteveLabour Party362 
JOHNSTON, Sara Louise ClareConservative Party Candidate706E
LEVITT, Martyn JohnConservative Party Candidate744E
PACKER, CharlotteLiberal Democrats188 
TRUP, MichaelLiberal Democrats252 

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Peartree Ward - 3 seats - turnout: 29.79%

Names of CandidatesDescription (if any)VotesElected
BECKETT, Helen JaneLabour Party474E
CHAPMAN, Nathaniel Alfred KeithConservative Party Candidate267 
COWAN, MalcolmLiberal Democrats533E
HOLDSWORTH, TomUK Independence Party (UKIP)204 
JONES, MelLabour Party409 
LOWE, Paul JosephConservative Party Candidate166 
MARSH, Frank Annibale Stefano MarchioLiberal Democrats377 
ROBERTS, SteveLabour Party474E
SIEWNIAK, MichalLiberal Democrats426 
THORPE, Emma MichelleConservative Party Candidate144 

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Sherrards Ward - 3 seats - turnout: 41.28%

Names of CandidatesDescription (if any)VotesElected
BECKERMAN, JonConservative Party Candidate749E
BOWER, HarryConservative Party Candidate887E
EATON, Brian DouglasLiberal Democrats267 
EATON, KarenLiberal Democrats304 
EDWARDS, Ivan SamuelLabour Party629 
GROOM, SusanGreen Party first choice candidate500 
MABBOTT, PatConservative Party Candidate798E
NENDICK, IanGreen Party second choice candidate353 
SMITH, LesleyGreen Party third choice candidate191 

Declaration of Result of Poll - Icon for pdf Sherrards Ward

Welham Green and Hatfield South Ward - 3 seats - turnout: 34.91%

Names of CandidatesDescription (if any)VotesElected
BAILEY, TomLiberal Democrats640E
BELL, Diana LesleyLabour Party376 
BOWRON, Frank RobertConservative Party Candidate529 
MENDEZ, Linda ElizabethLabour Party381 
PAGE, LesConservative Party Candidate509 
PIERI, Keith JohnConservative Party Candidate600 
QUENET, HelenLiberal Democrats617E
WATSON, CathyLabour Party294 
ZUKOWSKYJ, Paul MarkLiberal Democrats894E

Declaration of Result of Poll - Icon for pdf Welham Green and Hatfield South Ward

Welwyn East Ward - 3 seats - turnout: 36.64%

Names of CandidatesDescription (if any)VotesElected
BARRETT, Sheila AnnLabour Party515 
CRAGG, Julie AnnConservative Party Candidate1035E
HARRINGTON, Helen NatalieLiberal Democrats426 
MARKIEWICZ, StevenConservative Party Candidate947E
RICHARDSON, Heather MargaretLiberal Democrats332 
STEVENS, Arthur FrankUK Independence Party (UKIP)277 
TRIGG, RogerConservative Party Candidate972E

Declaration of Result of Poll - Icon for pdf Welwyn East Ward

Welwyn West Ward - 3 seats - turnout: 42.35%

Names of CandidatesDescription (if any)VotesElected
BLACKBURN, John EdwardLiberal Democrats337 
CRUMP, TonyLabour Party304 
KINGSBURY, TonyConservative Party Candidate994E
KYRIAKIDES, Sandra AnneIndependent896 
MASON, Kay MarionLiberal Democrats250 
PERKINS, MandyConservative Party Candidate1011E
TAYLOR, NickConservative Party Candidate941E

Declaration of Result of Poll - Icon for pdf Welwyn West Ward

Police and Crime Commissioner Election

Results from Hertfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner election can be viewed at

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