Information for new employees

New starter information

On your first day

On your first day, you will need to bring with you your p45 if it is available, your bank details and proof of your National Insurance number if we have not already received this information.


Council Offices

  • Campus East: The main council offices situated in Welwyn Garden City
  • CW Entertainment: The Council's leisure facility situated at Campus West in Welwyn Garden City
  • Hatfield Housing Office: Based at White Lion House in Hatfield, this is home to our Housing Management Team
  • Mill Green Museum/Roman Baths: Museum employees are situated at Mill Green Museum
  • The Hive at Jim MacDonald Centre: A thriving community hub located in Hatfield, offering a wide range of activities and function space for local community groups & residents
  • The Weltech and HatTech Business Centres: Offering versatile business units in a variety of sizes for existing and new businesses
  • Hatfield Town Hub: Offering an opportunity for locals and visitors to Hatfield to have a focal information point in the town centre

Car parking

Free car parking is available at all council offices. Provide your car registration details, make and model to Human Resources before your first day of employment.


Opening Hours

The Council's office opening hours are:

Monday - Thursday: 8.45am - 5.15pm

Friday: 8.45am - 4.45pm

Depending on your job role, your working hours may differ to the council's opening hours. If you are unsure, please contact your line manager.



There are kitchen facilities at all council sites. The kitchens are equipped with a kettle/hot water dispenser, fridge and a microwave. Some kitchens also have a toaster available for your to use. The council also provides staff rest rooms where you can eat or use during your break.

The Council do not provide tea/coffee or milk to employees however a number of teams operate a 'tea fund'. Please be are that this may differ from team to team. Remember to bring your cup with you on your first day!


Code of Conduct

The Council's code of conduct is intended to support you as an employee in your day to day decision making. Its purpose is to support the Council's vision and values, linking them with standards of professional conduct expected from all our employees. It is important that all employees familiarise themselves with the Council's code of conduct, which can be found on the intranet, which you will have access to once you've started at the Council.


Dress Code

All employees are responsible for their general presentation, appearance and personal hygiene and have a responsibility to consider how others may perceive their appearance.

'Dress Down' Friday

Casual clothing may be worn on Friday; however consideration should be given to the duties to be undertaken, the contacts you are likely to make and the image of the Council.



Every week you will receive a copy of the Council's staff newsletter 'Team Talk'. For those employees with no access to email, your manager should make this available to you. This publication includes key messages within the organisation. We also have an intranet 'WINNIE' which displays regular announcements to staff, and houses key policies and procedures which you should familiarise yourself with.


Employee Forum

We have an active employee forum that enables all employees to exchange views and enter into dialogue with the Council on changes in the working environment. Speak with your manager to find our who your employees representative is.