Tenancy types and information about tenancies (council housing)

Consultation on Fixed-Term Flexible Tenancies

All our tenants (except those in sheltered housing) who signed up for a new tenancy after 1 April 2013 are currently on fixed-term flexible tenancies.

The terms of these fixed term tenancies are very similar to secure tenancies.

They both offer the option to:

  • complete mutual exchange
  • carry out alterations
  • buy your home.

The difference is that fixed-term flexible tenacies are reviewed every five years and some tenants are asked to move if their circumstances have changed, wheras secure tenancies are permanent.

Take part in the consultation

We are carrying out a consultation on changing these flexible tenancies to secure (permenant) ones. The details of this proposal are set out below.

A short online survey was available for tenants to take part in. We are now reviewing the feedback.

The proposal:

  • your flexible tenancy will continue to the end of the five-year period then automatically roll over into a secure tenancy
  • you will have the same rights with a secure tenacy as with a flexible one but the secure tenancy is a lifetime one
  • you do not need to sign a new agreement, you will be bound by the terms and conditions of the Secure Tenancy Agreement (you can contact us for a copy at neighbourhoods@welhat.gov.uk or call 01707 357 796)
  • there is no need for us to check your income again as it was assessed when we offered you your first tenancy
  • we intend that your Neighbourhood Officer will visit you every four years for a tenancy audit
  • they will also visit if you want to buy your home, complete a mutual exchange, or in relation to anti-social behaviour.

Please note if we have already advised you your tenancy will not be renewed then it will not be, and you will still be expected to downsize or vacate your property.

Mutual exchanges, transfers and Right to Buy:

  • if you mutually exchange to another housing provider, your tenancy will change to the type of the person you are mutually exchanging with
  • if you mutually exchange into another Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council property you will be granted a new secure tenancy
  • if you transfer to another Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council property, the offer will be a new secure tenancy
  • if you have a housing need to move to a smaller or larger property you can still register for a transfer in accordance with our allocations policy.
  • if want to buy your home in the future, we will count your years as a tenant from the date you signed your original flexible tenancy agreement.

Joint tenancies

If you have a joint tenancy and the relationship breaks down we recommend that you seek independent legal advice and contact us neighbourhoods@welhat.gov.uk for advice.