Independent Person

Appointment of Independent Person(s)

(Section 28 Localism Act 2011)

Are you interested in being an Independent Person for our Council?

If so, this may be the role for you.

We are looking for at least two Independent Persons to assist us with promoting good ethical behaviour amongst our elected councillors and assisting with councillor code of conduct complaints. 

The appointments are for a period of five years. The last appointments were made in 2017 and we are now seeking new appointments.


About the role

The role of the Independent Person(s) is to advise the Council’s Standards Committee and/or Standards Sub-Committee on councillor code of conduct investigation and to work with the Monitoring Officer to promote good standards of ethical behaviours amongst our councillors.

The Independent Person(s) also play a statutory role in advising the Council on any proposed dismissals of Statutory Officers.

More details can be found in the:

Role Description

Selection Criteria


Time Commitment

The time commitment for this role can be sporadic and infrequent. At times the Monitoring Officer may require more regular liaison, if there are a high number of complaints at any one time. For the period 1 January to 31 December 2021, the number complaints about councillors requiring liaison with the Independent Person was in respect of 6 matters.



The role carries an allowance of £500 per year.


How to apply

To apply submit your CV and personal statement by 15 May 2022.

Interviews will take place on 20 May 2022.


For more information

For more information contact Margaret Martinus, Monitoring Officer on 01707 357575 or by email