Independent Person

Selection Criteria

Skills and competencies

The Independent Person(s) will demonstrate:

  • a keen interest in standards in public life;
  • an interest in local issues;
  • a wish to serve the local community and uphold local democracy;
  • the ability to be objective, independent and impartial;
  • sound decision-making skills;
  • leadership qualities, particularly in respect of exercising sound judgement. The Independent Person(s) will:
  • be a person in whose impartiality and integrity the public can have confidence;
  • understand and comply with confidentiality requirements;
  • have an awareness of the importance of ethical behaviours;
  • be a good communicator. Desirable additional criteria are:
  • working knowledge/experience of local government or other public service and/or of large complex organisations and awareness of and sensitivity to the political process.
  • knowledge and understanding of judicial/quasi‐judicial or complaints processes.


Please demonstrate in your application how you meet the above criteria, as this will assist the short‐listing process.

Means of assessment will be by CV/personal statement and interview.


Eligibility for Appointment

A person cannot be appointed as an Independent Person if they are or were within a period of 5 years prior to the appointment:

  • a Member, Co‐Opted Member or Officer of the Authority.
  • A Member, Co‐Opted Member or Officer of a Town/Parish Council in the Borough Council’s area, or a relative or close friend of the above.